Chapter 1.1- The Founder of Insanity


Hello everybody and welcome to The Rose ISBI, A surrounded by Idiots challenge, in which only one 1 sim can be controlled and everyone else are on their own, This is our lovely Founder Anabelle Rose, She’s Insane, loves outdoors and a bookworm. Her Aspiration is to become Fabulously Wealthy.


She moved into a empty lot and I made this lot, I don’t think it’s that bad for only my 4th build on the sims 4.


She will be joining the science career as I have never tried this career out and wanted to know what it was like.


Being Insane, Anabelle loves to talk to herself.


She also loves to watch tv especially movies.


Soon the neighbors after a day and a half decided to come and meet their new neighbor.


Anabelle became good friends with Bob Pancake, too bad he’s married and also gained a charisma skill point.


She enjoys cooking for herself especially meals containing eggs and so far hasn’t had any fires.


Anabelle soon had her first day at work where she did some socializing, some gardening and some inventing.


She got invited to a party and learned the dance skill


She soon got a promotion.


She also gained a cooking skill.

Total Points- 0


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