Chapter 1.5- Misfortune comes in threes


The twins headed straight for the toys. Amber enjoyed building towers with the blocks whilst Jasper preferred being imaginative with the toys


Soon it was time for Sapphires birthday, good one less toddler in the house. Sapphire is Insane and wants to be a whiz kid.


She enjoys developing her creativity by playing with toys


Sapphire has a bed but prefers to nap on the sofa away from the noisy twins


Anabelle soon received another promotion


Jackson decided to give the twins a bath, good thing too as they were quite filthy


At last, the twins decided to sleep at the same time, now maybe the rest of the household can get some sleep too


Sapphire was feeling lonely so went on a chatroom to make some friends


Amber soiled her pull up and had to be changed.



She then passed out on the floor being so tired



Then Jackson was cooking the family dinner and set the stove on fire which spread rapidly and Anabelle had to use her freeze ray to get rid of it



Jasper enjoys playing with toys even if he needs a bath.

Total Points- -5


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