Chapter 2.17- Family Bonds

09-10-17_1-31-27 PM.png
Kaci and James are still as romantic as ever.
09-10-17_1-33-42 PM
Kaci and Maya are quite close and are always chatting with each other.
09-10-17_1-33-51 PM.png
The boys are the best of Friends.
09-10-17_1-34-06 PM.png
Maya loves pretending to be a pirate
09-10-17_1-39-22 PM.png
Bernard had a bad day at school
09-10-17_12-48-31 PM.png
He also passed out
09-10-17_12-49-33 PM.png
The twins napped on their beds
09-10-17_12-56-21 PM.png
Kaci and James finally got married.

Joseph got sick at school.
Points -25
09-10-17_1-33-42 PM.pngTS4_x64 2017-09-10 13-36-32-59TS4_x64 2017-09-10 13-36-43-79

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