Chapter 8.6- Birthdays

Macy still loves to play video games

Yasmin and Davis are very much in love

Yasmin passed out

Davis achieved his 2nd aspiration

He now wants to be strong and fit

Davis went to the gym

The twins are not toddler, one wants to know everything and one wants to do everything himself

George has become quite mean as a child

Branson plays with toys

George used the computer

Zackary enjoyed  moulding with clay

Macy read books to her grandchild

George did some bluilding

Chapter 8.5- Completing Dreams

Davis worked on his son’s thinking using flashcards

Zackary becomes a child who gets angry easily

He loves to play video games

He also needed some advice

Davis took his son ice-skating too

Davis also taught his son to fish

He achieved his aspiration

He also chose a new aspiration

Davis also did some repairs

Yasmin soon went into labour and the twins were born

Macy was soon an elder

Zackary washed some dishes

Chapter 8.4- Toddlers

Zackary is very artistic and loves to make art everywhere

He doesn’t like to be told off, he will just say Daddy art

Gerald was soon an adorable toddler

Davis started potty training him

Yasmin spends some time with her oldest so he don’t feel left out

Davis did some repairs

Dance party

Yasmin got another promotion

The boys loved opening presents

They also love to chatter away to their parents

Davis enjoyed making snowmen with his sons

He also went skating

George had fun in the ball pit

Chapter 8.3- Birthday Boy

Davis started potty training Zackary

He then tucked him into bed

Davis did some repairs

Davis decided to go swimming despite the fact it was winter

Mabel invited Davis out to the spice festival. He had fun trying new foods and playing basketball.

Davis read stories to Zack

Davis also likes to spin Zackary around

Zackary loves to chatter away to the bear

Yasmin soon went into labour and baby George was born

Davis likes to take Zackary to the local park and do flashcards with him.

Dion had his birthday and moved out.

Davis mastered the fishing skill

Chapter 8.2- Hello Zackary

Davis went out for dinner with his aunt Mabel, they caught up and he told her about how he’s going to be a dad soon.

Yasmin is doing great at work, she even got promoted

Macy did some exersize

There was soon some sad news when Gus died of old age

There was so good news too, Yasmin went into labour and Zackary was born

Davis and Yasmin tried for their 2nd child

Dion played the guitar

Soon it was Halloween, Davis enjoyed dressing up and decorating the house.

Yasmin enjoys making drinks

Dion is a doting uncle

He also loves to play video games

Zackary became a toddler who loves to hug.

Chapter 8.1- The Love of fishing

Davis cooked the family some dinner.

He also headed to the local park to do some fishing

His Aunt Mabel invited him out so they both could meet some new people. He met Yasmin and they soon hit it off even sharing their first kiss and becoming boyfriend and girlfriend to each other.

Dion decided to go for a swim

Macy still loves to keep fit

Davis and Yasmin are still dating,  Davis invited her on a date to the park and they had a small wedding.

Yasmin then joined the family and she had blue hair, how intresting

Davis and Yasmin were soon expecting their first child.

Yasmin decided she wanted to make people laugh so joined the entertainer career.

Davis went fishing again, in a new place just opposite the family home

Yasmin did some working out

Davis did some cooking .

Chapter 7.11- Passing on the Torch

Macy joined a new agency now that she is becoming more well known

Davis did some Yoga

Dion became a Teenager

Macy made some drinks

Davis did his homework

Macy upgraded the shower

Macy got invited out dancing by a friend who then decided to die on the dance floor but she kept on dancing

Macy got a part in a action movie

Macy got promoted

Davis became a Young Adult and will now be leading the legacy.

Chapter 7.10- Getting Older

Macy is now an adult

She repaired the new stereo

she went swimming

Davis played video games

The washing machine is now quieter after Macy upgraded it

Macy went to Ladies Night at a bar two towns over. she enjoyed dancing, cheap drinks and meeting new friends

Daniel became an elder

Dion did some dancing

he is also a great help around the house

Dion is very arty and likes to make all different things with the clay

Macy got promoted

Dion mastered the motor skill

Chapter 7.9- Winter Fun

Macy got promoted

she likes to make snow angels

Macy and Daniel went on a date to do some ice-skating. Daniel spent more time laying down then actually skating.

Macy went out dancing

She got promoted

She repaired the gaming system again

Davis became a teenager and wants to become a famous fisherman.

Macy made a snowman

Macy and her boys had a snowball fight

Davis did some dancing

Macy got promoted

she bonded with the bees.

Chapter 7.8- Ghostly Visits

Macy loves to work out

Gus decided to possess the cooker and frightened his grandson

Dion loves to climb through the tunnels to the top

Macy had to do some repairs

Macy also got her first acting gig and she got gold.

Soon it was Winter and Macy decided to go ice-skating

she also had to repair the sink

Davis still loves to dance and he improved his motor skill too

Dion became a child who loves to meet people and make friends

He also loves to dance

Soon it was Christmas. The family had fun opening presents then Macy took the boys to the local park where they had fun ice-skating and making snowmen before she came home and cooked turkey for dinner.

Megan died of old age.