Chapter 5.9- Career Choices

Jenna danced Molly repaired Dancing is a family hobby Gonzolo joined the workforce Gemma became a toddler who hates it when her parents leave the house Jenna did some laundry Gemma danced She also did some learning with Daddy Her favourite napping place is the wedding chairs Gordon still loves to climb and spy on… Continue reading Chapter 5.9- Career Choices

Chapter 5.8- Birthdays Galore

The triplets became children and Meghan became a Young Adult. She then moved out to start her adult life. Molly had to do some repairs Gonzolo improved his logic George pretended to fly in space Molly and Gonzolo looked at clouds together The family took a trip to the flea market. Molly even met up… Continue reading Chapter 5.8- Birthdays Galore

Chapter 5.7- The New Arrival

Molly did some cooking Meghan needed some advice Jenna got promoted Meghan likes reading the boys bedtime stories Jenna did some cooking Molly did some dancing Meghan needed advice Molly started learning the recipes for high end food She soon went into labour and had a beautiful baby girl. Jenna got a chance card Molly… Continue reading Chapter 5.7- The New Arrival

Chapter 5.6- Play, Learning and helping others

Gus fell asleep in his highchair as Molly and Jenna were both at work. Meghan was at school and Gonzola was too busy playing video games He finally stopped his games and took Gus to have a bath Molly did flashcards with Gordon He also likes to play in the tunnels Grandma Jenna adores the… Continue reading Chapter 5.6- Play, Learning and helping others

Chapter 5.5- Fun with triple toddlers

Meghan loves to teach her baby nephews new things. George loves to pretend to be a racing car driver Molly played cards with Gonzalo and Jenna Gonzola improved his logic Molly and Gonzalo shared a romantic moment Gus is the most cheeky of the boys and is always somehow finding paint and making a mess.… Continue reading Chapter 5.5- Fun with triple toddlers

Chapter 5.4- Learning Skills

Molly did flashcards with Gordon Molly did some repairs and improved her skill Meghan bathed Gus Jenna did some cleaning Molly repaired the doll’s house She also used the computer And improved her fitness whilst using the lawn slide She repaired the hot-tub She also worked off some energy Meghan needed advice.

Chapter 5.3- Toddlers

Jenna got a chance card Meghan needed advice Molly improved her cooking The triplets became toddlers who are all unique in a way Jenna used the microscope Gordon played in the tunnels Gus learned to talk He also watched some kids tv Gordon learnt to talk too Jenna got promoted Meghan read to George Molly… Continue reading Chapter 5.3- Toddlers