Chapter 10.4- Winter Fun

Jack cooked some chicken for dinner but Conner prefers to eat pancakes from two days before. Chasity cleaned the sink Jack got promoted The pets had their birthday As did Chloe becoming a teen. She added Active to self-assured and her aspiration is Successful Lineage. Jack practised chess Chasity and Jack are still as romanticContinue reading “Chapter 10.4- Winter Fun”

Chapter 6.14- Quality Time

Mabel loves it when she is spun around in circles She also loves hugs Gus started teaching her some new words using flashcards Mabel also loves to build and play with blocks. Macy played video games Melvin did yoga Melvin adores his little sister and is always playing with her Megan enjoys running on theContinue reading “Chapter 6.14- Quality Time”

Chapter 5.2- Triple the fun

Jenna did some writing Molly did some cooking and improved her skill too She also did some repairs Molly did some exercise Jenna did the laundry Molly got promoted Jenna did some repairing Molly went into Labour and had triplet boys Jenna did some yoga Molly got another promotion Jenna became an Elder Molly didContinue reading “Chapter 5.2- Triple the fun”

Chapter 3.6- The Appliances love to break

Maya fixed the bath She bathed Lucky, he had become quite dirty. She taught him some new commands, he can now sit, lie down, heel, fetch and shake. Maya did some dancing Finn played video games Lucky died of old age, he will be missed Josh enjoys doing his homework in the yard The familyContinue reading “Chapter 3.6- The Appliances love to break”

Chapter 2.12- Birthday Time

Joseph really loves the tablet and can play and watch video‚Äôs all day Maya loves to chat and hug the green dino Kaci cooked some dinner She chatted with son Bernard about his day. Maya passed out _-5 Maya and Joseph helped themselves to spaghetti and meatballs Joseph had fun with the blocks James passedContinue reading “Chapter 2.12- Birthday Time”

Chapter 1.4- Double the Fun

Anabelle soon began to show. She was still a doting mum who helped Sapphire learn to stack and name shapes with her blocks. Jackson improved his cooking skill and had some new recipes to make Anabelle wanted her daughter to teach her basic needs so did flashcards with her in small portions as Sapphire wasContinue reading “Chapter 1.4- Double the Fun”