Good News

Well it only took two days but I had my motherboard replaced and also had to have my ram replaced as it died with the overheating too. I am now going to check my games to make sure nothing was lost and hopefully will be able to update tommorow Advertisements


I was playing Sims 3 when my laptop overheated and shut off then wouldn’t come back on. I took it in the shop and they said the graphic card had fried itself basically and it’s no longer sold individually so I have to get a whole new motherboard which is going to take at least… Continue reading Hiatus

Chapter 1.4- Double the Fun

Anabelle soon began to show. She was still a doting mum who helped Sapphire learn to stack and name shapes with her blocks. Jackson improved his cooking skill and had some new recipes to make Anabelle wanted her daughter to teach her basic needs so did flashcards with her in small portions as Sapphire was… Continue reading Chapter 1.4- Double the Fun