Chapter 5.4- Learning Skills

Molly did flashcards with Gordon Molly did some repairs and improved her skill Meghan bathed Gus Jenna did some cleaning Molly repaired the doll’s house She also used the computer And improved her fitness whilst using the lawn slide She repaired the hot-tub She also worked off some energy Meghan needed advice. Advertisements

Chapter 5.3- Toddlers

Jenna got a chance card Meghan needed advice Molly improved her cooking The triplets became toddlers who are all unique in a way Jenna used the microscope Gordon played in the tunnels Gus learned to talk He also watched some kids tv Gordon learnt to talk too Jenna got promoted Meghan read to George Molly… Continue reading Chapter 5.3- Toddlers

Chapter 5.1- Hello Gonzalo

Molly invited Gonzalo over and they shared their first kiss and become a couple Molly also asked Gonzalo to marry her and they had a private marriage, Gonzolo then joined the family. Molly was soon expecting She tried some repairing but set the radio on fire instead. Jenna played some video games improving her skill… Continue reading Chapter 5.1- Hello Gonzalo

Chapter 4.12- Passing the Torch

Mehdi got promoted Melinda repaired the tv Meghan became a child Melinda shot some hoops Mehdi became an Elder Meghan chatted to the pink bear Jenna went swimming as did Molly Mehdi played chess with his youngest He also shot some hoops Jenna did yoga Melinda became an Adult and moved out Molly also became… Continue reading Chapter 4.12- Passing the Torch

Chapter 4,11- Birthday Time

Jenna played aeroplanes with Meghan Melinda became a teenager Meghan played with blocks Molly and Meghan chatted <im Mehdi used the microscope He also grilled some burgers for dinner Melinda did some repairs Jenna got promoted She bathed Meghan And had to do some more repairs Molly became an Teen and is our heir.

Chapter 4.10- Showing Off

Mehdi decided to show off his cool skills on the lawn slide, hopefully he doesn’t slip whilst he shows off. Jenna did some repairing She also started teaching Meghan to use the potty Meghan enjoyed playing with dolls Molly is doing well in school She also likes swinging on the jungle gym Jenna went with… Continue reading Chapter 4.10- Showing Off