Chapter 1.3- Toddler Sapphire

Anabelle got promoted so her hard work, tiredness and hunger had paid off. She decided to go fishing, maybe if she caught some fish she could sell them or use them for experiments Anabelle soon found out that she was expecting again, great more people to not control. Well at least Sapphire was a toddler… Continue reading Chapter 1.3- Toddler Sapphire

Chapter 1.2- Adding A Idiot

Anabelle decided to go for a walk and met Young Jackson Butterfly, they were soon friends and then became romantic. They shared their first kiss and married. Jackson’s aspiration is bodybluilder and his traits are goofball, active and slob. He was created in cas but his traits and aspiration were randomized. A treadmill was placed… Continue reading Chapter 1.2- Adding A Idiot

Chapter 1.1- The Founder of Insanity

Hello everybody and welcome to The Rose ISBI, A surrounded by Idiots challenge, in which only one 1 sim can be controlled and everyone else are on their own, This is our lovely Founder Anabelle Rose, She’s Insane, loves outdoors and a bookworm. Her Aspiration is to become Fabulously Wealthy. She moved into a empty… Continue reading Chapter 1.1- The Founder of Insanity