Chapter 2.22- Triple the fun

Joseph may have a crush on the new butler. Maya loves to do her homework by the pool The house was upgraded. Bernard became an Young Adult and moved out. He is a foodie. James got a raise. Kaci mastered painting. The Triplets were born +15 Skills were learnt. Kaci mastered her career Points- -10… Continue reading Chapter 2.22- Triple the fun

Chapter 2.7- Toddlers Galore

Kaci still tucks little Bernard in every night but doesn’t really get the time or energy for stories The twins are hard work, as soon as one is asleep, the other one needs attention James decided to give his wife a break and cooked breakfast so she could have a lie in after being up… Continue reading Chapter 2.7- Toddlers Galore

Chapter 2.2- Hello Bernard

Kaci decided to cook some dinner, she needed practice for when she had to cook for her children too. She also had to repair the dishwasher as it was a much needed and more efficient way of cleaning the dishes James enjoys playing video games on the computer He also developed the logic skill He… Continue reading Chapter 2.2- Hello Bernard