Chapter 5.8- Birthdays Galore

The triplets became children and Meghan became a Young Adult. She then moved out to start her adult life. Molly had to do some repairs Gonzolo improved his logic George pretended to fly in space Molly and Gonzolo looked at clouds together The family took a trip to the flea market. Molly even met up… Continue reading Chapter 5.8- Birthdays Galore

Chapter 5.1- Hello Gonzalo

Molly invited Gonzalo over and they shared their first kiss and become a couple Molly also asked Gonzalo to marry her and they had a private marriage, Gonzolo then joined the family. Molly was soon expecting She tried some repairing but set the radio on fire instead. Jenna played some video games improving her skill… Continue reading Chapter 5.1- Hello Gonzalo

Chapter 4.12- Passing the Torch

Mehdi got promoted Melinda repaired the tv Meghan became a child Melinda shot some hoops Mehdi became an Elder Meghan chatted to the pink bear Jenna went swimming as did Molly Mehdi played chess with his youngest He also shot some hoops Jenna did yoga Melinda became an Adult and moved out Molly also became… Continue reading Chapter 4.12- Passing the Torch

Chapter 4,11- Birthday Time

Jenna played aeroplanes with Meghan Melinda became a teenager Meghan played with blocks Molly and Meghan chatted <im Mehdi used the microscope He also grilled some burgers for dinner Melinda did some repairs Jenna got promoted She bathed Meghan And had to do some more repairs Molly became an Teen and is our heir.

Chapter 4.9- Toddler time

Melinda enjoys playing with her toys in the garden. Advice was needed Father and Daughter Dance party Jenna did some painting She also had her birthday And enjoyed jumping in trash for fun More chance cards Meghan became an adorable toddler and the 1st one to get her mums hair Jenna did some repairs And… Continue reading Chapter 4.9- Toddler time

Chapter 4.7- Birthdays

Jenna mastered writing Some pictures of little Molly as she seems to be a bit neglected. Finally Mehdi interacts with her Melinda‚Äôs birthday. A party was arranged at the local community centre so she could meet her cousins. Melinda hugs granny Maya She also passes out She enjoys jumping in trash Molly masters the potty… Continue reading Chapter 4.7- Birthdays

Chapter 4.2- Queen of Mischief

Jenna was soon expecting her 2nd child. She also completed her aspiration She now wants to be the envy of her neighbours Whisper became an elder Jenna got a job in writing Whisper will only eat cooked food Jenna got promoted She repaired the toilet Melinda became a toddler Maya became an elder Melinda loves… Continue reading Chapter 4.2- Queen of Mischief