Chapter 17- Repairs

The dolls house is used a lot

Soon Lavender went into Labour and her 9th child Emerald was born.

Opal is a great big sister

she also loves to play in the snow

Lavender unclogged the toilet

and repaired the shower

Opal and Sterling are good students

Lavender mopped

Emerald was soon a toddler with brown hair and Orange eyes

Opal became a young adult and moved out

Lavender supported her daughter to achieve her skills

Chapter 15- Cooking

Lavender does some cooking and improves her skill

She is soon pregnant

Sterling cooks too

Onyx becomes a young adult and moves out

Jasper becomes a toddler

Lavender starts potty training

she also starts teaching him to talk

she repairs the tv

Jasper plays the xylophone

Lavender bonds with her youngest

Lavender soon has her 8th child Malachite, over halfway there.

she does the laundry

Jasper plays with blocks

Chapter 13- Our first goodbye

Amber enjoys hanging out on the see-saw

The entry is where the children enjoy doing homework

Lavender loves playing on the slip n slide

she does the laundry

Garnet plays foosball

Opal enjoys having water balloon fights

Alabaster plays shuffleboard

Onyx tells Ghost stories

Family breakfast

Opal is a teenager. She rolled the Avant Garde trait

Garnet is a Young Adult. He moves out. His traits are Clumsy, Evil, Night owl, computer whiz and Mooch. His LTW is to become the emperor of evil. He gets the family 5 points for his eyes and 10 points for his hair.

Lavender chats with her youngest child about the rain

she plays some foosball

she cooks

Chapter 12- Dancing

Lavender achieved her lifetime dream

Lavender and Leonardo are still as romantic as ever

Onyx and Garnet had a water balloon fight

Lavender does some gardening

Onyx is a teenager. he rolls the natural cook trait

Onyx enjoys dancing

The family enjoy chatting to each other

Onyx plays chess

Lavender and Leonardo watch the stars

Alabaster is a teen. He rolled the friendly trait.

Sterling is a child. He rolls the insane trait

Sterling likes pretending to be king

The family enjoy hosting fairy parties

Garnet is a good student

Onyx enjoys making new friends

Chapter 11- Family Love

Leonardo does the laundry

Lavender teaches Sterling to talk

and walk

Amber becomes a teenager

Alabaster plays on the rocking horse

Lavender earns some money

Leonardo cooks and improves his skill

Sterling plays with blocks

Lavender hugs Opal

Lavender Chats with Sterling

she also chats with Amber

and uses the slip n slide

Opal becomes a child. She rolls the perceptive trait

Lavender chats with Onyx

Chapter 10- Having Fun

Leonardo fixes the sink

Onyx plays in the tree house

Onyx and Amber hang around chatting on the tree house balcony

Lavender repairs the shower

Opal plays with the dolls house

Garnet cooks and earns a skill point

The repoman comes and collects all the stray toys

Leonardo sits with the toddlers as they play

The boys chat

Garnet makes breakfast

Sterling is soon a toddler with brown hair and white eyes

Opal plays with blocks

Alabaster rolls brave as a child

Leonardo and Onyx have a pillow fight.

Chapter 9- Family Bonding

Opal was soon a toddler with brown hair and white eyes

Lavender taught her to walk

and use the potty

Lavender was soon pregnant with her 6th child.

Lavender taught Opal to talk

Onyx became a child who rolled the genius trait

Garnet is now a teen who rolled the computer whiz trait.

Opal plays with toys

Sterling is born with loves the cold and eccentric traits

Opal plays with the dolls house

Onyx and Amber get on well and are always chatting together

Lavender completed an oppurtunity

Garnet played computer games

Leonardo fixed the dishwasher

Chapter 8- Snow

Amber enjoys playing with the dolls house

The boys get on well and are able to play alongside each other

Lavender started teaching her youngest to walk

He soon got it and was happy to be tossed around in the air

Next was potty training

Amber had her birthday. She now loves to swim.

Alabaster plays the xylophone.

Amber takes out the trach.

Opal is born with disciplined and loves the outdoors traits.

Alabaster plays with the dolls house

Leonardo repairs the washing machine

then mops the floor

Amber enjoys doing her homework in the snow

Leonardo spends some time with his younger sons

Lavender makes breakfast

Chapter 6- Another Boy

Leonardo got promoted

Garnet and Onyx had their birthday. Onyx has pink hair and blue eyes. Garnet rolled the Night Owl trait

Lavender did some cleaning

Onyx learnt to use the potty

he also learnt to talk

Amber still loves to play with blocks

Onyx learnt to walk

Garnet enjoys playing games on the computer

Lavender gave birth to her 4th child whilst gardening. He is named Alabaster. He rolled perceptive and good traits.

Chapter 5- Romance

Lavender repairs the washing machine

Amber becomes a toddler, if this was a perfect genetics challenge, we would have our heir. She has her mum’s hair and eyes

Lavender taught Amber her skills

Leonardo got promoted

He did some working out

Lavender worked on her garden

Amber plays with blocks

Onyx decides to be born on the porch. He rolls absent minded and friendly traits

Leonardo gets promoted to level 8 and achieves his dream

Amber plays with some toys

Lavender and Leonardo finally get all three kids down and spend some time together watching the stars

Leonardo bonds with his youngest.

Lavender and Leonardo chat about art

Lavender is soon expecting her 4th child.

she works on her garden that has now been moved into a room with the future mats as Winter is coming and the plants will go dormant otherwise. The fruit trees outside already have.

Lavender masters the gardening skill