Chapter 4.9- Toddler time

Melinda enjoys playing with her toys in the garden. Advice was needed Father and Daughter Dance party Jenna did some painting She also had her birthday And enjoyed jumping in trash for fun More chance cards Meghan became an adorable toddler and the 1st one to get her mums hair Jenna did some repairs And… Continue reading Chapter 4.9- Toddler time

Chapter 4.6- Favourite child

Melinda mastered the potty Little Molly can be quite the handful, she broke the dolls house Drinking so early Mehdi, <img src="; alt="4a" width="283" height="163" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1093 Mummy Jenna to the rescue before we get crying sad toddlers Mehdi really Jenna fixing again, a torch holders life isn’t so great Cleaning too Molly was… Continue reading Chapter 4.6- Favourite child

Chapter 4.4- The Lazy Butler

Maya played video games Jenna got promoted She also fired the butler as she came home to a dirty house and tired, dirty and Hungry Toddlers. The butler was sunning themselves at the pool. Melinda needed a nappy change Mehdi jumped in trash He is now an Adult Whisper got put up for adoption Mehdi… Continue reading Chapter 4.4- The Lazy Butler

Chapter 3.7- A teenager, oh what fun

Finn passed out Maya adopted a Female kitten Whisper loves the laser game The family did some volunteering and Josh lost some empathy for trying to help. Maya went to the flea festival, she did some haggling, played some hoops and brought a new couch for her vets. She chatted with Finn Josh got a… Continue reading Chapter 3.7- A teenager, oh what fun

Chapter 2.14- Family Bonding

Maya bonded with her dad She cleaned up some mess Bernard and James watched tv together The twins are still great friends James and Joseph are quite close Maya language skills are developing well Bernard loves to watch tv Maya likes creating castles and houses with the blocks Bernard does his homework He also likes… Continue reading Chapter 2.14- Family Bonding

Chapter 1.12- Bye Anabelle

Kacy played a maths game on the computer Jackson worked out Anabelle maxed the cooking skill Kacy played with the dolls Ana fixed the bath again Kacy becomes a teenager, she wants to be a computer whiz and is a geek She cooked some grilled cheese for lunch Amber called, she has just had a… Continue reading Chapter 1.12- Bye Anabelle