Chapter 11- Family Love

Leonardo does the laundry Lavender teaches Sterling to talk and walk Amber becomes a teenager Alabaster plays on the rocking horse Lavender earns some money Leonardo cooks and improves his skill Sterling plays with blocks Lavender hugs Opal Lavender Chats with Sterling she also chats with Amber and uses the slip n slide Opal becomesContinue reading “Chapter 11- Family Love”

Chapter 10- Having Fun

Leonardo fixes the sink Onyx plays in the tree house Onyx and Amber hang around chatting on the tree house balcony Lavender repairs the shower Opal plays with the dolls house Garnet cooks and earns a skill point The repoman comes and collects all the stray toys Leonardo sits with the toddlers as they playContinue reading “Chapter 10- Having Fun”

Chapter 9.9- Summer Fun

Jack did some dancing Jayne enjoys playing with the monster toy even if she bashed herself in the head a few times Jayla developed her cooking skills Zak had to put out a fire, I wonder what his son was making He then repaired the music system, too much dancing I guess had broken it.Continue reading “Chapter 9.9- Summer Fun”

Chapter 9.4- Parenthood

Zak cooked some breakfast. Jayla practised some chess Jayla is exhausted but prefers to nap on the sofa rather then sleeping on the bed, well at least she’s not passed out on the floor she got promoted She also started teaching herself to cook Zak repaired the computer. Soon Jayla went into labour and hadContinue reading “Chapter 9.4- Parenthood”

Chapter 8.10- The Move

The family moved to a new house Gerald played video games in their brand new living room Gerald cooked his first meal and actually didn’t burn the house down Branson enjoyed doing some art Gerald needed some advice Macy enjoyed working out in the new kitchen Branson enjoyed chatting to the bear Yasmin soon hadContinue reading “Chapter 8.10- The Move”

Chapter 8.7- Toddlers

Davis started potty training Branson Yasmin enjoyed making drinks Branson made a mess Keith played in the tunnels Davis went to the gym Exercise Zone repair time Zackary played some video games Davis now wants to be a chef More repairs This house seems to constantly needs repairs Davis joined the culinary career

Chapter 7.5- Dancing Fun

Megan became a Elder. Megan doesn’t let her age stop her from fun, here she is still playing cool video games. Daniel loves to dance Megan is also a doting grandmother who loves spending time with young Davis. here she is teaching him some new words. Davis loves to dance Macy did some cooking soContinue reading “Chapter 7.5- Dancing Fun”

Chapter 7.2- Hello Davis

Gus still loves playing video games Macy and Gus improved their skills Macy did some repairs Daniel got promoted Macy sent some books off to a publisher Gus got a raise Mabel started learning to cook Daniel got promoted Gus became an elder Baby Davis was born Gus did some working out Mabel set theContinue reading “Chapter 7.2- Hello Davis”

Chapter 7.1- Meeting New People

Macy started working on writing a children’s novel. Once daylight was out she went exploring and ran into Daniel Scarlett. They hit it off and were soon good friends, she asked him to move in and he accepted. Daniel wants to be a cook so joined the culinary career Mabel is a great student  DanielContinue reading “Chapter 7.1- Meeting New People”

Chapter 6.15- Skilling

Macy repaired the virtual gaming system and learnt handiness Gus enjoyed giving treats to the neighbourhood children Megan became an adult Macy took up boxing and improved her fitness Gus received a promotion and mastered the painting career He likes to play in leaf piles And do yoga He also loves to paint in hisContinue reading “Chapter 6.15- Skilling”