Chapter 6.11- Hello Mabel

Gus completed his aspiration and can now paint mood paintings no matter his mood. Megan played video games Gus repaired the stove Gemma was soon expecting Gus became a adult Macy likes to swim Molly and Gus did some dancing Mabel was born Gus worked out to a dance video Melvin is doing great in… Continue reading Chapter 6.11- Hello Mabel

Chapter 5.15- Family Fun

The family took a trip to Willow Creek park and tried out their skating rink. They also had a snowball fight Molly spoke to Gus about his part in the legacy. Gus also loves to use the computer The family still loves to dance Gemma and Molly enjoyed making a snow pal together Molly started… Continue reading Chapter 5.15- Family Fun

Chapter 5.9- Career Choices

Jenna danced Molly repaired Dancing is a family hobby Gonzolo joined the workforce Gemma became a toddler who hates it when her parents leave the house Jenna did some laundry Gemma danced She also did some learning with Daddy Her favourite napping place is the wedding chairs Gordon still loves to climb and spy on… Continue reading Chapter 5.9- Career Choices

Chapter 5.7- The New Arrival

Molly did some cooking Meghan needed some advice Jenna got promoted Meghan likes reading the boys bedtime stories Jenna did some cooking Molly did some dancing Meghan needed advice Molly started learning the recipes for high end food She soon went into labour and had a beautiful baby girl. Jenna got a chance card Molly… Continue reading Chapter 5.7- The New Arrival

Chapter 4.10- Showing Off

Mehdi decided to show off his cool skills on the lawn slide, hopefully he doesn’t slip whilst he shows off. Jenna did some repairing She also started teaching Meghan to use the potty Meghan enjoyed playing with dolls Molly is doing well in school She also likes swinging on the jungle gym Jenna went with… Continue reading Chapter 4.10- Showing Off

Chapter 4.1- Meeting New People

Jenna headed down to the local park. She got two people to dislike her meeting an aspiration milestone and also made some acquaintances. She also made mischief on the computer and improved her skill to 3 meeting 2 more milestones. Josh invited his sister to go clubbing, Jenna met lots of new people but really… Continue reading Chapter 4.1- Meeting New People