Chapter 1.1- The Start

Hello and Welcome to my attempt at the Genetic Roulette Challenge. I am using Sims 3 so I can get colourful hair without mods or cheats. Gen A is Thomas (Red hair and eyes) and his wife Lucille(Yellow Hair and eyes). They had a daughter called Maya who inherited her dad’s colouring, She married Jack (Blue hair and Eyes) and they had a daughter Megan, dad’s image. Megan grew up and married Jamie and they had a daughter Lavender who was born with White hair and eyes. Lavender is dating Leonardo (Brown hair and eyes).

An empty lot was purchased and after the sims of Gen A, B and C were aged up repeatedly until they died, this home was made.

This meet our Founders. This is Lavender. Lavender has the following Traits Family oriented, Nurturing, Artistic, Green thumb and Good sense of Humour. He lifetime wish is to grow the perfect garden.

and this is Leonardo. His traits are Ambitious, Workaholic, Family oriented, handy and heavy sleeper. His lifetime wish is to become a CEO.

Leonardo joins the business career so he can get started on his dreams.

Lavender brushes up on her gardening knowledge

she starts cooking some dinner

and nearly burns down the house

Leonardo takes over with some nice sandwisches

Lavender starts growing her garden

she goes fishing

Leonardo gets promoted

Lavender is soon pregnant with Baby number 1

Leonardo celebrates by having a party.

Chapter 10.5- The More, the merrier

Conner was soon a teenager too. He added Neat to Dog Lover. His Aspiration is Soulmate.

Chasity passed out

Whiskers died

Chloe used the home gym

Chasity played the guitar

Jack jogged around town with King

Jack did some repairs

Conner used the slip n slide

Conner brushed king

Father and son try to out dance each other

Jack got promoted

Chloe became a young adult and moved out. She added Unflirty and Emotional Control to active and self-assured. Her aspiration is Successful Lineage.

Jack used his parenting skills to get his son to do his homework then helped him with it.

The family adopted some more pets, a cat called Stella and two kittens tommy and princess

The kittens are close and like to play together

Chasity did some cooking and this is the result

Stella enjoys causing mayhem by jumping on counters and eating human food but she can be cute too

Princess and Tommy were soon adults

Chasity became an elder

Jack got promoted

The family had fun in the sun

Jack was soon an elder

As was King

Conner was soon a Young Adult. He added Geek to neat and dog lover. His aspiration is Soulmate and he is now up on the gallery under my id skyegal19. This legacy has now finished so farewell Rose Family.

Chapter 10.3- Birthdays

Zackary died of old age

Conner is a charmer too

Jack enjoys playing physical games with his son

Chloe rolled Self-assured as a child and her aspiration is Social Butterfly.

Jack decided to sleep in front of his bed

Chloe enjoys playing computer games

at least she sleeps in her bed

Conner likes to go exploring in the kitchen cupboards

Chasity does flashcards with him.

Jack fixes the dolls house

Chasity reads with her son.

Conner is a quick learner and was soon able to go potty independently.

Jack got promoted

Conner was soon a child. He rolled Dog Lover and wants to be a Whiz Kid.

Chasity and Jack became adults

Jack did some repairs

Jack tucks his son in bed

He does more repairs

The family adopt a new pet, A puppy called King. King and Conner are already quite close.

Chapter 10.2- Lots of Fails

Jayla died of old age

Zak used the forums

Chasity got promoted

Chloe became a charmer as a toddler

Jack started potty training right away

Good thing too as Baby 2 was on the way

Chloe enjoys playing with the monster toy

babbling away to the bear

she also likes building towers

She also prefers to sleep on the floor

Jack enjoys reading his daughter to sleep

he likes to sleep on the floor too

sharing the love

Zak does flashcards with his granddaughter outside their new improved home

Chasity decided to join the trend of sleeping on the floor

Soon she went into labour and son Conner was born

Zak enjoys napping in the toddler room

Chloe babbles away to Whiskers

she still prefers the floor

Jack got promoted

He enjoyed dancing

He plays chess

Chapter 8.2- Hello Zackary

Davis went out for dinner with his aunt Mabel, they caught up and he told her about how he’s going to be a dad soon.

Yasmin is doing great at work, she even got promoted

Macy did some exersize

There was soon some sad news when Gus died of old age

There was so good news too, Yasmin went into labour and Zackary was born

Davis and Yasmin tried for their 2nd child

Dion played the guitar

Soon it was Halloween, Davis enjoyed dressing up and decorating the house.

Yasmin enjoys making drinks

Dion is a doting uncle

He also loves to play video games

Zackary became a toddler who loves to hug.

Chapter 7.11- Passing on the Torch

Macy joined a new agency now that she is becoming more well known

Davis did some Yoga

Dion became a Teenager

Macy made some drinks

Davis did his homework

Macy upgraded the shower

Macy got invited out dancing by a friend who then decided to die on the dance floor but she kept on dancing

Macy got a part in a action movie

Macy got promoted

Davis became a Young Adult and will now be leading the legacy.

Chapter 7.6- Birthdays Galore

Davis was soon a child.

Macy soon achieved her aspiration

Davis played some video games

Macy now wants to be an actress

Macy practised her acting

Macy spent some time with her youngest

Davis did some dancing with his aunt

Gus died of old age on the porch.

Dion became a toddler who wants to do everything himself.

Macy helped him with his potty skill

Dion is a daddy’s boy and loves it when Daniel plays with him.

Mabel became a Young Adult and moved out.

Chapter 6.15- Skilling

Macy repaired the virtual gaming system and learnt handiness

Gus enjoyed giving treats to the neighbourhood children

Megan became an adult

Macy took up boxing and improved her fitness

Gus received a promotion and mastered the painting career

He likes to play in leaf piles

And do yoga

He also loves to paint in his new studio

Macy started learning to cook by watching her dad in action

Molly died of old age

Mabel loves swinging across the monkey bars.

Chapter 5.10- Goodbyes

Gus played with the dolls
Jenna did some painting and improved her skill
Not long after she died of old age
Gonzolo did some cooking
Gordon used the monkey bars
Gonzolo got promoted
Gemma played in the tunnels
George pretended to be driving a ship this time
Molly did some repairs
She also relaxed in the sauna
Gonzolo improved his cooking
Molly repaired the dishwasher

Chapter 4.8- The Surprise

Molly does the washing up
Maya dies of old age
Repairing time
Jenna gets promoted

Mehdi got a chance card
He also got promoted
Jenna uses the rock climbing wall despite being in her 3rd Trimester of pregnancy, I forgot risky and try for baby Autonomsly was on.
Molly has completed two aspiration milestones
Maya comes to visit
Jenna plays dolls
She dances
Molly plays on the spaceship
Melinda plays with a cat
Meghan is born

Self Wetting : 11
Pass Out : 32
Failing School : 0
Negative Traits Earned by NTHs : -0
Accidental Deaths : 0
Fires : 2
Social Worker Visit : 0
Single Birth : 9
Twins : 2
Triplets : 1
Any sim in the household completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child and Adult): 15
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (Child and Adult) : 3
Toddler Skills maxed by NTH toddlers : 3
Skills (Child and Adult) maxed by NTH family members : 0
NTH children (Child and Teen) earning an A in school : 1
Positive Traits Earned by NTHs : 0
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (Teen and YA/A/E) : 0
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation : 3
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation : 2
Every 100,000 simoleons earned* : 1
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder : 0
Total Points : 20