Chapter 7- Birthdays

Onyx enjoys making music with the xylophone Leonardo is very hands on with the children when he is not working Amber loves to be tickled Lavender cooks for the family she feeds Alabaster Garnet enjoys playing and sleeping in the igloo The toddlers mostly are able to entertain themselves Lavender works on growing her perfectContinue reading “Chapter 7- Birthdays”

Chapter 6- Another Boy

Leonardo got promoted Garnet and Onyx had their birthday. Onyx has pink hair and blue eyes. Garnet rolled the Night Owl trait Lavender did some cleaning Onyx learnt to use the potty he also learnt to talk Amber still loves to play with blocks Onyx learnt to walk Garnet enjoys playing games on the computerContinue reading “Chapter 6- Another Boy”

Chapter 3- Skills

Leonardo talks to his boss as Lavender repairs the sink Lavender gardening gets better and better every day as does her handiness Garnet was soon a toddler. He got his granddad’s pink hair and his dad’s brown eyes. He likes to play with the robot Lavender was soon expecting her 2nd child she cleans theContinue reading “Chapter 3- Skills”

Chapter 1.2- Gardening Fun

Leonardo met with his boss He also did some working out Megan came to visit Lavender worked on her gardening and her fishing she made friends with a dog she fertilised her plants Leonardo got promoted Lavender repaired the computer and the sink Leonardo gets promoted Lavender has a hospital birth with Garnet. Garnet isContinue reading “Chapter 1.2- Gardening Fun”

Chapter 1.1- The Start

Hello and Welcome to my attempt at the Genetic Roulette Challenge. I am using Sims 3 so I can get colourful hair without mods or cheats. Gen A is Thomas (Red hair and eyes) and his wife Lucille(Yellow Hair and eyes). They had a daughter called Maya who inherited her dad’s colouring, She married JackContinue reading “Chapter 1.1- The Start”