Chapter 5.14- Teenagers

Gus loves to shovel snow The school needed advice Gabriel loves to take his naps outside in the snow Gemma and George love to dance Gemma needed some advice Molly and Gabriel made a snow pal together Gordon is doing great in school Gus needed some advice Gordon and Gabriel are quite close and are… Continue reading Chapter 5.14- Teenagers

Chapter 5.13- Fun in the Snow

Molly and Gonzolo decided to make a snow pal together. George loves to play on the spaceship swinging off the bars Soon Christmas had arrived and the whole family had a great time decorating the tree together. Molly got the great job of decorating the outside of the home Soon it was time for the… Continue reading Chapter 5.13- Fun in the Snow

Chapter 5.12- Hello Gabriel

Gonzolo became an adult Molly did some repairs She played dolls with Gemma She worked out by running on the treadmill Advice was needed Molly got promoted Gemma needed advice Family dance party Molly improved her cooking She gave birth to her 5th and hopefully final child. She named him Gabriel. Gemma is very helpful… Continue reading Chapter 5.12- Hello Gabriel

Chapter 5.11- Volunteering is good for the soul

Gordon jumped in trash Gonzolo helped Gus with homework Molly and Gonzolo are still romantic Molly went jogging Molly left her husband in charge of Gemma and took the boys volunteering Molly repaired the dryer She was soon pregnant with her 5th child. Molly did some exercise She potty trained Gemma She also repaired the… Continue reading Chapter 5.11- Volunteering is good for the soul

Chapter 5.10- Goodbyes

Gus played with the dolls Jenna did some painting and improved her skill Not long after she died of old age Gonzolo did some cooking Gordon used the monkey bars Gonzolo got promoted Gemma played in the tunnels George pretended to be driving a ship this time Molly did some repairs She also relaxed in… Continue reading Chapter 5.10- Goodbyes

Chapter 5.9- Career Choices

Jenna danced Molly repaired Dancing is a family hobby Gonzolo joined the workforce Gemma became a toddler who hates it when her parents leave the house Jenna did some laundry Gemma danced She also did some learning with Daddy Her favourite napping place is the wedding chairs Gordon still loves to climb and spy on… Continue reading Chapter 5.9- Career Choices

Chapter 5.8- Birthdays Galore

The triplets became children and Meghan became a Young Adult. She then moved out to start her adult life. Molly had to do some repairs Gonzolo improved his logic George pretended to fly in space Molly and Gonzolo looked at clouds together The family took a trip to the flea market. Molly even met up… Continue reading Chapter 5.8- Birthdays Galore