Chapter 3.9- Two Teenagers

Josh got a chance card. Whisper loves jumping onto the counters Maya scolds her Soon, Little Jenna was a teenager too Maya maxed her Vet skill She did wish the animals weren’t so stressed she had to calm them before examining and treating them Jenna and Josh do their homework Josh passes out Maya adopts… Continue reading Chapter 3.9- Two Teenagers

Chapter 2.8- Birthday Time

Bernard was soon a child. He is a slob who wants to be popular, as a toddler, he got all his toddler skills to level 3. Kaci chatted with some friends whilst the twins napped Maya loves to play with the blocks, stacking them up and then knocking them down. Joseph prefers to babble away… Continue reading Chapter 2.8- Birthday Time

Chapter 1.7- Moving Homes

The twins are still as close as ever, they are always chatting to one another Jasper just loves to chat, sometimes even to random strangers that walk past the house Amber favourite thing to do is make stories up around her toys One Weekend when everyone was off, Anabelle decided to take the children on… Continue reading Chapter 1.7- Moving Homes