Chapter 10.2- Lots of Fails

Jayla died of old age Zak used the forums Chasity got promoted Chloe became a charmer as a toddler Jack started potty training right away Good thing too as Baby 2 was on the way Chloe enjoys playing with the monster toy babbling away to the bear she also likes building towers She also prefersContinue reading “Chapter 10.2- Lots of Fails”

Chapter 9.11- Passing the torch

Jack is doing well at school The girls started teaching themselves to cook, luckily they didn’t start a fire Zak passed out from exhaustion He still loves to make snow angels but he seems to have forgotten to change into his cold weather outfit. He also loves to play video games Jayla became an elderContinue reading “Chapter 9.11- Passing the torch”

Chapter 9.10- Teenagers

Zak fixed the dishwasher before there was a lake in the kitchen Jayne washed the dishes Zak went to the festival with his brother. He bought a t-shirt and enjoyed catching up. Jack loves to go swimming in the evening Jayne started learning to play the violin. Zak repaired the bath Jack was soon aContinue reading “Chapter 9.10- Teenagers”

Chapter 9.9- Summer Fun

Jack did some dancing Jayne enjoys playing with the monster toy even if she bashed herself in the head a few times Jayla developed her cooking skills Zak had to put out a fire, I wonder what his son was making He then repaired the music system, too much dancing I guess had broken it.Continue reading “Chapter 9.9- Summer Fun”

Chapter 9.8- More Birthdays

Jayla loves to jump in trash for some reason The twins were soon children. Jayne loves to clean and Jasmine is get confident easily. I think Jack has a hidden neat trait because he loves to clean The girls are still the best of friends and are always chatting away even when they are doingContinue reading “Chapter 9.8- More Birthdays”

Chapter 9.7- Family Time

The girls are really close and love to play with dolls together Jayne has got a bit of an obsession with the toilet though so Zak spends a lot of the time telling her off. He has also been doing a lot of repairs too He likes to make snow angels Jayla did some cleaningContinue reading “Chapter 9.7- Family Time”

Chapter 9.6- Toddler House

Jayla soon went into labour and the twins Jayne and Jasmine were born. Jayla and Zak don’t care how cold it is. They love to star gaze in their pj’s Zak just had to take a selfie He also made a snowpal with his son Talking of his son, Look whose fully potty trained RepairContinue reading “Chapter 9.6- Toddler House”

Chapter 9.5- Toddlerhood

Zak cleaned the toilet. Jayla fed their son Zak also upgraded the toilet so it would clean itself in the future With another baby on the way and the bills piling up, Zak did some freelance work to get more funds Jack was soon an adorable toddler. He got his mums skin and hair andContinue reading “Chapter 9.5- Toddlerhood”

Chapter 9.4- Parenthood

Zak cooked some breakfast. Jayla practised some chess Jayla is exhausted but prefers to nap on the sofa rather then sleeping on the bed, well at least she’s not passed out on the floor she got promoted She also started teaching herself to cook Zak repaired the computer. Soon Jayla went into labour and hadContinue reading “Chapter 9.4- Parenthood”

Chapter 9.3- New Home

Zak bought a bee hive then changed into this cool outfit and collected some honey. Then it was Selfie# time Jayla and Zak realsionship is going great and she spends most of her time at the house. Soon Zak though it was time for them to get married. They decided to have a private ceremonyContinue reading “Chapter 9.3- New Home”