Chapter 10.1- Meeting the One

The family adopted an adorable kitten This family loves to dance Jack did some cooking He has recently started dating too, Meet his girlfriend Chasity. Jack got a job Jack and Chasity got married in the park in the snow Chasity and Jack enjoy star and cloud gazing together Chasity decided to become an entertainerContinue reading “Chapter 10.1- Meeting the One”

Chapter 8.1- The Love of fishing

Davis cooked the family some dinner. He also headed to the local park to do some fishing His Aunt Mabel invited him out so they both could meet some new people. He met Yasmin and they soon hit it off even sharing their first kiss and becoming boyfriend and girlfriend to each other. Dion decidedContinue reading “Chapter 8.1- The Love of fishing”

Chapter 7.1- Meeting New People

Macy started working on writing a children’s novel. Once daylight was out she went exploring and ran into Daniel Scarlett. They hit it off and were soon good friends, she asked him to move in and he accepted. Daniel wants to be a cook so joined the culinary career Mabel is a great student  DanielContinue reading “Chapter 7.1- Meeting New People”

Chapter 5.1- Hello Gonzalo

Molly invited Gonzalo over and they shared their first kiss and become a couple Molly also asked Gonzalo to marry her and they had a private marriage, Gonzolo then joined the family. Molly was soon expecting She tried some repairing but set the radio on fire instead. Jenna played some video games improving her skillContinue reading “Chapter 5.1- Hello Gonzalo”

Chapter 3.10- Homework Buddies

Josh and Jenna do their homework together Whisper loves to climb on counters and eat human food no matter how many times, he gets scolded for it Jenna and Josh also like relaxing in the hot-tub after a hard day at school. Maya repaired the toilet and gained handiness Finn danced Josh passed out MayaContinue reading “Chapter 3.10- Homework Buddies”