Chapter 4.8- The Surprise

Molly does the washing up Maya dies of old age Repairing time Jenna gets promoted Mehdi got a chance card He also got promoted Jenna uses the rock climbing wall despite being in her 3rd Trimester of pregnancy, I forgot risky and try for baby Autonomsly was on. Molly has completed two aspiration milestones Maya… Continue reading Chapter 4.8- The Surprise

Chapter 4.7- Birthdays

Jenna mastered writing Some pictures of little Molly as she seems to be a bit neglected. Finally Mehdi interacts with her Melinda’s birthday. A party was arranged at the local community centre so she could meet her cousins. Melinda hugs granny Maya She also passes out She enjoys jumping in trash Molly masters the potty… Continue reading Chapter 4.7- Birthdays

Chapter 4.4- The Lazy Butler

Maya played video games Jenna got promoted She also fired the butler as she came home to a dirty house and tired, dirty and Hungry Toddlers. The butler was sunning themselves at the pool. Melinda needed a nappy change Mehdi jumped in trash He is now an Adult Whisper got put up for adoption Mehdi… Continue reading Chapter 4.4- The Lazy Butler

Chapter 4.3- Toddlers, How Fun

Melinda is a very active toddler who needs lots of attention. The Rose family has reached 100,000 simolens Maya did some upgrading Jenna has achieved 5 milestones Mehdi has achieved one Jenna decided to have a home birth and her 2nd daughter Molly was born More Melinda spam because she’s just adorable. Jenna got a… Continue reading Chapter 4.3- Toddlers, How Fun

Chapter 4.2- Queen of Mischief

Jenna was soon expecting her 2nd child. She also completed her aspiration She now wants to be the envy of her neighbours Whisper became an elder Jenna got a job in writing Whisper will only eat cooked food Jenna got promoted She repaired the toilet Melinda became a toddler Maya became an elder Melinda loves… Continue reading Chapter 4.2- Queen of Mischief

Chapter 4.1- Meeting New People

Jenna headed down to the local park. She got two people to dislike her meeting an aspiration milestone and also made some acquaintances. She also made mischief on the computer and improved her skill to 3 meeting 2 more milestones. Josh invited his sister to go clubbing, Jenna met lots of new people but really… Continue reading Chapter 4.1- Meeting New People