Chapter 6.10- Skills, Skills, Skills

Gus had to repair the washing machine He got promoted He did some painting He improved his skill Megan was soon expecting her 3rd child. Gus dived in the pool He had a mud fight with the kids He mastered cooking He did the laundry Melvin played maths games Macy played chess Macy and Melvin… Continue reading Chapter 6.10- Skills, Skills, Skills

Chapter 6.3- Birthday time

Gus showed off his awesome diving skills Soon Megan went into labour and their son was born, he was called Melvin.7 Gus bonded with little Melvin Gus did some repairs He decided to join the painter career Promotions happened Gus improved his cooking Megan used the lawn slide Melvin became a toddler Gonzolo became an… Continue reading Chapter 6.3- Birthday time

Chapter 3.11- Insanity Reign’s

Jenna loves to tell stories to herself Maya is still busy at the vets Maya did some cooking Finn uses the computer Maya is to become an Aunt and also her remaining sister married. She developed her handiness Jenna needed advice Finn passed out Jenna will soon be taking over and Maya is getting older… Continue reading Chapter 3.11- Insanity Reign’s

Chapter 3.8- Birthdays

Josh played some video games Maya repaired the toilet She healed some pets Maya became an Adult Finn became an Elder Whisper became an adult She likes eating human food off the tables Maya did some reading Finn swam in the new pool Maya repaired the radio Finn did some dribbling Whisper watches Maya sleep… Continue reading Chapter 3.8- Birthdays