Chapter 6.10- Skills, Skills, Skills

Gus had to repair the washing machine He got promoted He did some painting He improved his skill Megan was soon expecting her 3rd child. Gus dived in the pool He had a mud fight with the kids He mastered cooking He did the laundry Melvin played maths games Macy played chess Macy and Melvin… Continue reading Chapter 6.10- Skills, Skills, Skills

Chapter 6.6- Teaching Melvin

Gus started teaching Melvin to dance. He also taught him the names of different animals and the sounds they make. He did some painting Megan didn’t want Melvin to feel left out now that he was a big brother so played with him. Molly worked on her grandson’s knowledge too Melvin loves to dance Gus… Continue reading Chapter 6.6- Teaching Melvin

Chapter 6.5- Goodbyes and Hello’s

Gus got a promotion and received a new easel. Gemma enjoys playing video games Soon it was her birthday and she became a Young Adult, she has become quite Responsible and gets sad quite easily. She moved out the family home to start her adult life. Melvin does like to chatter away. Megan practiced chess… Continue reading Chapter 6.5- Goodbyes and Hello’s

Chapter 5.9- Career Choices

Jenna danced Molly repaired Dancing is a family hobby Gonzolo joined the workforce Gemma became a toddler who hates it when her parents leave the house Jenna did some laundry Gemma danced She also did some learning with Daddy Her favourite napping place is the wedding chairs Gordon still loves to climb and spy on… Continue reading Chapter 5.9- Career Choices

Chapter 4.7- Birthdays

Jenna mastered writing Some pictures of little Molly as she seems to be a bit neglected. Finally Mehdi interacts with her Melinda’s birthday. A party was arranged at the local community centre so she could meet her cousins. Melinda hugs granny Maya She also passes out She enjoys jumping in trash Molly masters the potty… Continue reading Chapter 4.7- Birthdays

Chapter 2.18- Virtual Gaming

Maya enjoys swinging across the monkey bars. Bernard chats online with some friends from school. Maya and Joseph are still quite close Maya chatted online Maya also enjoyed playing blib a block Kaci enjoyed using the virtual gamer cube too The family volunteered at a soup kitchen Skill building happened Kaci got promoted Points -25

Chapter 2.5- Family News

Kaci made a salad for lunch, she wanted Bernard to try some vegetables today He didn’t like it and ended up having animal crackers instead Bernard loves bath time, he gets to splash and make lots of mess He also likes it when daddy tosses him in the air, squealing and giggling and shouting for… Continue reading Chapter 2.5- Family News