Chapter 7- Birthdays

Onyx enjoys making music with the xylophone

Leonardo is very hands on with the children when he is not working

Amber loves to be tickled

Lavender cooks for the family

she feeds Alabaster

Garnet enjoys playing and sleeping in the igloo

The toddlers mostly are able to entertain themselves

Lavender works on growing her perfect garden

she regularly replants to keep her garden growing

Lavender carves a pumpkin

Baby 5 is soon on the way

Alabaster becomes a toddler with brown hair and blue eyes.

Lavender teaches him to talk

Leonardo gets promoted

Lavender enjoys feeling her baby move and hopes for a girl.

Chapter 6- Another Boy

Leonardo got promoted

Garnet and Onyx had their birthday. Onyx has pink hair and blue eyes. Garnet rolled the Night Owl trait

Lavender did some cleaning

Onyx learnt to use the potty

he also learnt to talk

Amber still loves to play with blocks

Onyx learnt to walk

Garnet enjoys playing games on the computer

Lavender gave birth to her 4th child whilst gardening. He is named Alabaster. He rolled perceptive and good traits.

Chapter 4- Fairy Fun

Leonardo is doing great at work

Garnet is mostly able to entertain himself

He does love hugs from daddy though

Garnet enjoys making music

Lavender garden is coming along well

She enjoys keeping fit at the local gym

Soon her 2nd child Amber was born. Amber rolled heavy sleeper and clumsy traits

Lavender did some repairs around the house

Lavender and Leonardo tried for thier third baby

Lavender went to a pool party with no pool but she did make some friends and do some dancing

Lavender cleaned the toilet

Leonardo got promoted

Lavender used the tv to work out

Chapter 1.2- Gardening Fun

Leonardo met with his boss

He also did some working out

Megan came to visit

Lavender worked on her gardening

and her fishing

she made friends with a dog

she fertilised her plants

Leonardo got promoted

Lavender repaired the computer

and the sink

Leonardo gets promoted

Lavender has a hospital birth with Garnet. Garnet is clumsy and evil.

she cooks some dinner

she chats with her grandad

Lavender and Leonardo make baby 2.

Chapter 10.5- The More, the merrier

Conner was soon a teenager too. He added Neat to Dog Lover. His Aspiration is Soulmate.

Chasity passed out

Whiskers died

Chloe used the home gym

Chasity played the guitar

Jack jogged around town with King

Jack did some repairs

Conner used the slip n slide

Conner brushed king

Father and son try to out dance each other

Jack got promoted

Chloe became a young adult and moved out. She added Unflirty and Emotional Control to active and self-assured. Her aspiration is Successful Lineage.

Jack used his parenting skills to get his son to do his homework then helped him with it.

The family adopted some more pets, a cat called Stella and two kittens tommy and princess

The kittens are close and like to play together

Chasity did some cooking and this is the result

Stella enjoys causing mayhem by jumping on counters and eating human food but she can be cute too

Princess and Tommy were soon adults

Chasity became an elder

Jack got promoted

The family had fun in the sun

Jack was soon an elder

As was King

Conner was soon a Young Adult. He added Geek to neat and dog lover. His aspiration is Soulmate and he is now up on the gallery under my id skyegal19. This legacy has now finished so farewell Rose Family.

Chapter 10.4- Winter Fun

Jack cooked some chicken for dinner but Conner prefers to eat pancakes from two days before.

Chasity cleaned the sink

Jack got promoted

The pets had their birthday

As did Chloe becoming a teen. She added Active to self-assured and her aspiration is Successful Lineage.

Jack practised chess

Chasity and Jack are still as romantic as ever

Chloe did some cooking

Jack and Conner made a snowpal together

Conner passed out

Jack brushed King

Conner played computer games

Conner did some exercise

Jack did some dancing

Jack spent some time with King

Chloe enjoys dancing

Conner enjoys moulding with clay

Jack got promoted

Chapter 10.3- Birthdays

Zackary died of old age

Conner is a charmer too

Jack enjoys playing physical games with his son

Chloe rolled Self-assured as a child and her aspiration is Social Butterfly.

Jack decided to sleep in front of his bed

Chloe enjoys playing computer games

at least she sleeps in her bed

Conner likes to go exploring in the kitchen cupboards

Chasity does flashcards with him.

Jack fixes the dolls house

Chasity reads with her son.

Conner is a quick learner and was soon able to go potty independently.

Jack got promoted

Conner was soon a child. He rolled Dog Lover and wants to be a Whiz Kid.

Chasity and Jack became adults

Jack did some repairs

Jack tucks his son in bed

He does more repairs

The family adopt a new pet, A puppy called King. King and Conner are already quite close.

Chapter 10.2- Lots of Fails

Jayla died of old age

Zak used the forums

Chasity got promoted

Chloe became a charmer as a toddler

Jack started potty training right away

Good thing too as Baby 2 was on the way

Chloe enjoys playing with the monster toy

babbling away to the bear

she also likes building towers

She also prefers to sleep on the floor

Jack enjoys reading his daughter to sleep

he likes to sleep on the floor too

sharing the love

Zak does flashcards with his granddaughter outside their new improved home

Chasity decided to join the trend of sleeping on the floor

Soon she went into labour and son Conner was born

Zak enjoys napping in the toddler room

Chloe babbles away to Whiskers

she still prefers the floor

Jack got promoted

He enjoyed dancing

He plays chess

Chapter 10.1- Meeting the One

The family adopted an adorable kitten

This family loves to dance

Jack did some cooking

He has recently started dating too, Meet his girlfriend Chasity.

Jack got a job

Jack and Chasity got married in the park in the snow

Chasity and Jack enjoy star and cloud gazing together

Chasity decided to become an entertainer

Whiskers had her birthday

Jack made some new cat friends

Zak soon joined his wife in elderhood

The twins became Young Adult and moved out. Jayne added art lover to outgoing and neat. Jasmine added Self-absorbed to lazy and self-assured.

Zak passed out

Whiskers learnt not to eat the families food

Whiskers enjoys playing with the flying feather

Little Chloe was born.

Whiskers learnt to not jump on counters

Jack did some bonding with whiskers

He also got promoted

Jack shared the love with Whiskers

Chapter 9.4- Parenthood

Zak cooked some breakfast.

Jayla practised some chess

Jayla is exhausted but prefers to nap on the sofa rather then sleeping on the bed, well at least she’s not passed out on the floor

she got promoted

She also started teaching herself to cook

Zak repaired the computer.

Soon Jayla went into labour and had a baby boy called Jack.

Zak got a freelance job to write a science book for students. He finally did it after 4 attempts.

Zak adores his baby son and loves to cuddle him

Jayla was soon pregnant with her 2nd child

Jayla cooked dinner

Jayla is a great mum and will run to care for her baby.