Chapter 5.7- The New Arrival

Molly did some cooking Meghan needed some advice Jenna got promoted Meghan likes reading the boys bedtime stories Jenna did some cooking Molly did some dancing Meghan needed advice Molly started learning the recipes for high end food She soon went into labour and had a beautiful baby girl. Jenna got a chance card Molly… Continue reading Chapter 5.7- The New Arrival

Chapter 5.3- Toddlers

Jenna got a chance card Meghan needed advice Molly improved her cooking The triplets became toddlers who are all unique in a way Jenna used the microscope Gordon played in the tunnels Gus learned to talk He also watched some kids tv Gordon learnt to talk too Jenna got promoted Meghan read to George Molly… Continue reading Chapter 5.3- Toddlers

Chapter 4.12- Passing the Torch

Mehdi got promoted Melinda repaired the tv Meghan became a child Melinda shot some hoops Mehdi became an Elder Meghan chatted to the pink bear Jenna went swimming as did Molly Mehdi played chess with his youngest He also shot some hoops Jenna did yoga Melinda became an Adult and moved out Molly also became… Continue reading Chapter 4.12- Passing the Torch

Chapter 4.8- The Surprise

Molly does the washing up Maya dies of old age Repairing time Jenna gets promoted Mehdi got a chance card He also got promoted Jenna uses the rock climbing wall despite being in her 3rd Trimester of pregnancy, I forgot risky and try for baby Autonomsly was on. Molly has completed two aspiration milestones Maya… Continue reading Chapter 4.8- The Surprise

Chapter 4.6- Favourite child

Melinda mastered the potty Little Molly can be quite the handful, she broke the dolls house Drinking so early Mehdi, <img src="; alt="4a" width="283" height="163" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1093 Mummy Jenna to the rescue before we get crying sad toddlers Mehdi really Jenna fixing again, a torch holders life isn’t so great Cleaning too Molly was… Continue reading Chapter 4.6- Favourite child

Chapter 4.5- Double the toddlers, twice the fun

Jenna repaired the dishwasher She played with some toys, she is childish after all Mehdi is going for dad of the year, here he is reading with Melinda Jenna got promoted She published some books Molly became a toddler Potty training time She played with the blocks table Jenna mastered cooking Mehdi joined the Business… Continue reading Chapter 4.5- Double the toddlers, twice the fun

Chapter 4.2- Queen of Mischief

Jenna was soon expecting her 2nd child. She also completed her aspiration She now wants to be the envy of her neighbours Whisper became an elder Jenna got a job in writing Whisper will only eat cooked food Jenna got promoted She repaired the toilet Melinda became a toddler Maya became an elder Melinda loves… Continue reading Chapter 4.2- Queen of Mischief