Chapter 9.8- More Birthdays

Jayla loves to jump in trash for some reason

The twins were soon children. Jayne loves to clean and Jasmine is get confident easily.

I think Jack has a hidden neat trait because he loves to clean

The girls are still the best of friends and are always chatting away even when they are doing other things

Zak was soon an adult

He did some cleaning

Jasmine enjoys running around in the rain

Jack did some science

Zak did some upgrades in both bathrooms. He was tired of constantly cleaning and repair the appliances.

The Girls enjoy dancing

Jasmine enjoys experimenting and making potions

She also enjoys playing farmyard.

Chapter 7.1- Meeting New People

Macy started working on writing a children’s novel.

Once daylight was out she went exploring and ran into Daniel Scarlett. They hit it off and were soon good friends, she asked him to move in and he accepted.

Daniel wants to be a cook so joined the culinary career

Mabel is a great student

 Daniel and Macy soon became romantic sharing their first kiss and starting to date.

 Macy proposed and they planned a lovely wedding at the park. Sadly it rains so after a quick ceremony they rushed inside to celebrate their wedding. Macy even got to meet her uncle Gabriel’s two kids Maurice who was a toddler and Jayson who was eight.

Macy was soon expecting a child of her own

She continued to work on her novel and improved her writing

Gus loves to make drinks

Macy ensures the family eats healthy cooked meals

Gus and Daniel love to dance

Soon it was time for Mabel to become a teenager.