Chapter 9- Family Bonding

Opal was soon a toddler with brown hair and white eyes

Lavender taught her to walk

and use the potty

Lavender was soon pregnant with her 6th child.

Lavender taught Opal to talk

Onyx became a child who rolled the genius trait

Garnet is now a teen who rolled the computer whiz trait.

Opal plays with toys

Sterling is born with loves the cold and eccentric traits

Opal plays with the dolls house

Onyx and Amber get on well and are always chatting together

Lavender completed an oppurtunity

Garnet played computer games

Leonardo fixed the dishwasher

Chapter 8- Snow

Amber enjoys playing with the dolls house

The boys get on well and are able to play alongside each other

Lavender started teaching her youngest to walk

He soon got it and was happy to be tossed around in the air

Next was potty training

Amber had her birthday. She now loves to swim.

Alabaster plays the xylophone.

Amber takes out the trach.

Opal is born with disciplined and loves the outdoors traits.

Alabaster plays with the dolls house

Leonardo repairs the washing machine

then mops the floor

Amber enjoys doing her homework in the snow

Leonardo spends some time with his younger sons

Lavender makes breakfast

Chapter 9.10- Teenagers

Zak fixed the dishwasher before there was a lake in the kitchen

Jayne washed the dishes

Zak went to the festival with his brother. He bought a t-shirt and enjoyed catching up.

Jack loves to go swimming in the evening

Jayne started learning to play the violin.

Zak repaired the bath

Jack was soon a teen who loves to read

He enjoyed playing the Llama game with his sister, uncle and aunt

The twins enjoyed having a water balloon fight.

Jack repaired the sink

The twins became teens. Jayne loves to make new people and Jasmine like her dad loves to sit around watching tv

Jasmine did some Yoga.

Chapter 9.9- Summer Fun

Jack did some dancing

Jayne enjoys playing with the monster toy even if she bashed herself in the head a few times

Jayla developed her cooking skills

Zak had to put out a fire, I wonder what his son was making

He then repaired the music system, too much dancing I guess had broken it.

Jack is doing well at school

Jayne played keyboard commander

Jasmine shows off on the slip n slide

Zak repairs the sink

He tells some jokes

Jayne does some science

Family water balloon fight

Chapter 9.7- Family Time

The girls are really close and love to play with dolls together

Jayne has got a bit of an obsession with the toilet though so Zak spends a lot of the time telling her off.

He has also been doing a lot of repairs too

He likes to make snow angels

Jayla did some cleaning

As did Zak

Jayla had her birthday and became an adult

Zak mastered the writing skill

Jack became a child who loves art.

He still loves to chatter away with his little sisters

He is a great help and will even put the dishes to be washed

Jayla enjoys reading stories with Jayne.

Chapter 9.5- Toddlerhood

Zak cleaned the toilet.

Jayla fed their son

Zak also upgraded the toilet so it would clean itself in the future

With another baby on the way and the bills piling up, Zak did some freelance work to get more funds

Jack was soon an adorable toddler. He got his mums skin and hair and his dads eyes.

He likes to play games on the tablet

Zak did flashcards with his son

He also likes scaring the birds

Jack loves to babble away

Zak helped his son to use the new slide

Zak started teaching his son to use the potty. Jayla was getting closer to her due date and he would love only to change one set of nappies.

Jayla makes sure that she tucks her son in bed every night.

Chapter 9.4- Parenthood

Zak cooked some breakfast.

Jayla practised some chess

Jayla is exhausted but prefers to nap on the sofa rather then sleeping on the bed, well at least she’s not passed out on the floor

she got promoted

She also started teaching herself to cook

Zak repaired the computer.

Soon Jayla went into labour and had a baby boy called Jack.

Zak got a freelance job to write a science book for students. He finally did it after 4 attempts.

Zak adores his baby son and loves to cuddle him

Jayla was soon pregnant with her 2nd child

Jayla cooked dinner

Jayla is a great mum and will run to care for her baby.

Chapter 9.1- Fun in the Sun

Yasmin enjoys trolling the forums on the computer

Keith enjoys improving his logic through practising chess

Zackary had to do some repairs, being the torch holder is so much fun

The family still love to play video games

Zackary enjoys making new friends, He and Jayla hit if off as they both like telling jokes and being funny.

Bronson did some cleaning

Davis showed off his gamer moves

Zackary cooked dinner for the family

He also got promoted

He also had to repair the kitchen sink

Zak and Jayla seem to be quite close and love to hang out together at the local parks now it is hot.

Zak repaired the music system.

Chapter 7.7- Bonding Time

Macy joined a talent agency and started her journey of becoming a famous actress

Macy started learning to play guitar for an audition she had

Daniel tried to repair the music system

Macy repaired the bathroom sink

Macy spoke to Davis about how he is heir and will be in charge of the family legacy when he turns 18.

Macy and Davis enjoyed stargazing

Macy did some running on the treadmill

she also did some sit ups in the kitchen

Dion loves to make messes and says its art.

He is also obsessed with aeroplanes and loves to play with and talk about them.

Soon it was Brawl day and Macy had lots of fun having fights without making enemies.

Davis enjoys swinging across the monkey bars

Chapter 7.4- Skilling

Gus still loves to make drinks and to learn new types and recipes

Daniel became an adult

Macy and Daniel had some fun

Macy repaired

She soon found out she was pregnant with her 2nd child

She had to repair the bathroom sink

Mabel did some Yoga

Macy loves reading Davis bedtime stories

Daniel did some boxing

Davis prefers to eat on chairs and the same food as everyone else

More Davis Spam. Doing Flashcards with Mabel and playing imaginative games with his toys. He also loves to dance.

Soon Macy went into labour and her 2nd son Dionwas born.