Chapter 2.14- Family Bonding

Maya bonded with her dad She cleaned up some mess Bernard and James watched tv together The twins are still great friends James and Joseph are quite close Maya language skills are developing well Bernard loves to watch tv Maya likes creating castles and houses with the blocks Bernard does his homework He also likes… Continue reading Chapter 2.14- Family Bonding

Chapter 1.6- Birthdays

Anabelle got some time off work so the twins were finally cared for properly even if she became tense from getting soaked when Jasper decided to splash water. She became so tired from caring for them that she passed out -5 The twins are very close and are always babbling to one another Anabelle found… Continue reading Chapter 1.6- Birthdays

Chapter 1.2- Adding A Idiot

Anabelle decided to go for a walk and met Young Jackson Butterfly, they were soon friends and then became romantic. They shared their first kiss and married. Jackson’s aspiration is bodybluilder and his traits are goofball, active and slob. He was created in cas but his traits and aspiration were randomized. A treadmill was placed… Continue reading Chapter 1.2- Adding A Idiot