Chapter 6.12- Birthdays

Molly still likes to run on the treadmill even If she gets tired more easily and has to rest after using it. Gus did some reading Macy did her homework Melvin had his birthday and is now a teenager. He loves to dance. Mabel became a Adorable toddler. Gus started teaching Mabel to use the… Continue reading Chapter 6.12- Birthdays

Chapter 6.2- Skill Building Fun

Gus improved his cooking He also improved his painting Megan played chess whilst Gus worked on his painting Gus soon proposed and he and Meg tied the knot in his parent’s bedroom. Molly played dolls with her youngest Gabriel did some cleaning Gus did the laundry He improved his painting Megan did some laundry Gabriel… Continue reading Chapter 6.2- Skill Building Fun

Chapter 5.14- Teenagers

Gus loves to shovel snow The school needed advice Gabriel loves to take his naps outside in the snow Gemma and George love to dance Gemma needed some advice Molly and Gabriel made a snow pal together Gordon is doing great in school Gus needed some advice Gordon and Gabriel are quite close and are… Continue reading Chapter 5.14- Teenagers

Chapter 4.10- Showing Off

Mehdi decided to show off his cool skills on the lawn slide, hopefully he doesn’t slip whilst he shows off. Jenna did some repairing She also started teaching Meghan to use the potty Meghan enjoyed playing with dolls Molly is doing well in school She also likes swinging on the jungle gym Jenna went with… Continue reading Chapter 4.10- Showing Off

Chapter 3.5- Bonding

Maya bonded with lucky She cooked breakfast She chatted with son Josh about school and his day Josh and Jenna have a great realsionship and are always chatting and playing together Lucky loves his new squeaky toy Maya used the blocks table She shared a kiss with Finn She looked up Vampires Maya and Finn… Continue reading Chapter 3.5- Bonding