Chapter 9- Family Bonding

Opal was soon a toddler with brown hair and white eyes Lavender taught her to walk and use the potty Lavender was soon pregnant with her 6th child. Lavender taught Opal to talk Onyx became a child who rolled the genius trait Garnet is now a teen who rolled the computer whiz trait. Opal playsContinue reading “Chapter 9- Family Bonding”

Chapter 8- Snow

Amber enjoys playing with the dolls house The boys get on well and are able to play alongside each other Lavender started teaching her youngest to walk He soon got it and was happy to be tossed around in the air Next was potty training Amber had her birthday. She now loves to swim. AlabasterContinue reading “Chapter 8- Snow”

Chapter 9.11- Passing the torch

Jack is doing well at school The girls started teaching themselves to cook, luckily they didn’t start a fire Zak passed out from exhaustion He still loves to make snow angels but he seems to have forgotten to change into his cold weather outfit. He also loves to play video games Jayla became an elderContinue reading “Chapter 9.11- Passing the torch”

Chapter 9.7- Family Time

The girls are really close and love to play with dolls together Jayne has got a bit of an obsession with the toilet though so Zak spends a lot of the time telling her off. He has also been doing a lot of repairs too He likes to make snow angels Jayla did some cleaningContinue reading “Chapter 9.7- Family Time”

Chapter 9.6- Toddler House

Jayla soon went into labour and the twins Jayne and Jasmine were born. Jayla and Zak don’t care how cold it is. They love to star gaze in their pj’s Zak just had to take a selfie He also made a snowpal with his son Talking of his son, Look whose fully potty trained RepairContinue reading “Chapter 9.6- Toddler House”

Chapter 8.4- Toddlers

Zackary is very artistic and loves to make art everywhere He doesn’t like to be told off, he will just say Daddy art Gerald was soon an adorable toddler Davis started potty training him Yasmin spends some time with her oldest so he don’t feel left out Davis did some repairs Dance party Yasmin gotContinue reading “Chapter 8.4- Toddlers”

Chapter 6.16- Passing the torch

Gus had to do some repairs The whole family went ice-skating Macy played video games The family decorated the Christmas tree Mabel did some art work  Soon it was Christmas, the family enjoyed opening their presents getting some cool gifts too and also eating a lovely ham dinner that Gus had prepared Melvin became aContinue reading “Chapter 6.16- Passing the torch”

Chapter 6.9- Birthdays

Gus did flashcards with Macy He repaired the dryer He read a story to Macy He did some cooking He made a snow angel He repaired the sink Molly became a elder Gabriel became an Young Adult and moved out. He now likes to steal things. Macy loves to chatter away to her nan MollyContinue reading “Chapter 6.9- Birthdays”

Chapter 6.8- Fire

Gus and Melvin had a snowball fight Megan managed to set fire to the stove whilst cooking dinner Macy chatted to the bear She enjoys being spun around in the air by her daddy She also loves to jump in the ball pit and throw balls everywhere Gus painted He helped Melvin with his homeworkContinue reading “Chapter 6.8- Fire”

Chapter 6.6- Teaching Melvin

Gus started teaching Melvin to dance. He also taught him the names of different animals and the sounds they make. He did some painting Megan didn’t want Melvin to feel left out now that he was a big brother so played with him. Molly worked on her grandson’s knowledge too Melvin loves to dance GusContinue reading “Chapter 6.6- Teaching Melvin”