Chapter 13- Our first goodbye

Amber enjoys hanging out on the see-saw

The entry is where the children enjoy doing homework

Lavender loves playing on the slip n slide

she does the laundry

Garnet plays foosball

Opal enjoys having water balloon fights

Alabaster plays shuffleboard

Onyx tells Ghost stories

Family breakfast

Opal is a teenager. She rolled the Avant Garde trait

Garnet is a Young Adult. He moves out. His traits are Clumsy, Evil, Night owl, computer whiz and Mooch. His LTW is to become the emperor of evil. He gets the family 5 points for his eyes and 10 points for his hair.

Lavender chats with her youngest child about the rain

she plays some foosball

she cooks

Chapter 10.5- The More, the merrier

Conner was soon a teenager too. He added Neat to Dog Lover. His Aspiration is Soulmate.

Chasity passed out

Whiskers died

Chloe used the home gym

Chasity played the guitar

Jack jogged around town with King

Jack did some repairs

Conner used the slip n slide

Conner brushed king

Father and son try to out dance each other

Jack got promoted

Chloe became a young adult and moved out. She added Unflirty and Emotional Control to active and self-assured. Her aspiration is Successful Lineage.

Jack used his parenting skills to get his son to do his homework then helped him with it.

The family adopted some more pets, a cat called Stella and two kittens tommy and princess

The kittens are close and like to play together

Chasity did some cooking and this is the result

Stella enjoys causing mayhem by jumping on counters and eating human food but she can be cute too

Princess and Tommy were soon adults

Chasity became an elder

Jack got promoted

The family had fun in the sun

Jack was soon an elder

As was King

Conner was soon a Young Adult. He added Geek to neat and dog lover. His aspiration is Soulmate and he is now up on the gallery under my id skyegal19. This legacy has now finished so farewell Rose Family.

Chapter 9.1- Fun in the Sun

Yasmin enjoys trolling the forums on the computer

Keith enjoys improving his logic through practising chess

Zackary had to do some repairs, being the torch holder is so much fun

The family still love to play video games

Zackary enjoys making new friends, He and Jayla hit if off as they both like telling jokes and being funny.

Bronson did some cleaning

Davis showed off his gamer moves

Zackary cooked dinner for the family

He also got promoted

He also had to repair the kitchen sink

Zak and Jayla seem to be quite close and love to hang out together at the local parks now it is hot.

Zak repaired the music system.