Chapter 10.5- The More, the merrier

Conner was soon a teenager too. He added Neat to Dog Lover. His Aspiration is Soulmate. Chasity passed out Whiskers died Chloe used the home gym Chasity played the guitar Jack jogged around town with King Jack did some repairs Conner used the slip n slide Conner brushed king Father and son try to outContinue reading “Chapter 10.5- The More, the merrier”

Chapter 9.1- Fun in the Sun

Yasmin enjoys trolling the forums on the computer Keith enjoys improving his logic through practising chess Zackary had to do some repairs, being the torch holder is so much fun The family still love to play video games Zackary enjoys making new friends, He and Jayla hit if off as they both like telling jokesContinue reading “Chapter 9.1- Fun in the Sun”