Chapter 4.9- Toddler time

Melinda enjoys playing with her toys in the garden. Advice was needed Father and Daughter Dance party Jenna did some painting She also had her birthday And enjoyed jumping in trash for fun More chance cards Meghan became an adorable toddler and the 1st one to get her mums hair Jenna did some repairs And… Continue reading Chapter 4.9- Toddler time

Chapter 4.5- Double the toddlers, twice the fun

Jenna repaired the dishwasher She played with some toys, she is childish after all Mehdi is going for dad of the year, here he is reading with Melinda Jenna got promoted She published some books Molly became a toddler Potty training time She played with the blocks table Jenna mastered cooking Mehdi joined the Business… Continue reading Chapter 4.5- Double the toddlers, twice the fun

Chapter 3.2- Hello Josh

Joseph texted his sister to congralute her on her new boyfriend Maya sold the small vet and brought the local pet hospital Maya got a lot more patients and a lot more weird illnesses such as winter fest fever. Finn became an Adult. Lucky loves his new toys A random toddler came to visit and… Continue reading Chapter 3.2- Hello Josh

Chapter 2.7- Toddlers Galore

Kaci still tucks little Bernard in every night but doesn’t really get the time or energy for stories The twins are hard work, as soon as one is asleep, the other one needs attention James decided to give his wife a break and cooked breakfast so she could have a lie in after being up… Continue reading Chapter 2.7- Toddlers Galore

Chapter 2.5- Family News

Kaci made a salad for lunch, she wanted Bernard to try some vegetables today He didn’t like it and ended up having animal crackers instead Bernard loves bath time, he gets to splash and make lots of mess He also likes it when daddy tosses him in the air, squealing and giggling and shouting for… Continue reading Chapter 2.5- Family News