Chapter 5.6- Play, Learning and helping others

Gus fell asleep in his highchair as Molly and Jenna were both at work. Meghan was at school and Gonzola was too busy playing video games He finally stopped his games and took Gus to have a bath Molly did flashcards with Gordon He also likes to play in the tunnels Grandma Jenna adores the… Continue reading Chapter 5.6- Play, Learning and helping others

Chapter 3.4- Long Walks

Jenna loves pretending to go in space Maya made dinner Jenna didn’t make it to bed Maya had to treat Lucky at the vets She made some potions Jenna had fun exploring the tunnels Finn and Josh watched tv together Finn also likes imaginative games Jenna was soon a child She enjoys talking with Finn… Continue reading Chapter 3.4- Long Walks