Chapter 9.6- Toddler House

Jayla soon went into labour and the twins Jayne and Jasmine were born.

Jayla and Zak don’t care how cold it is. They love to star gaze in their pj’s

Zak just had to take a selfie

He also made a snowpal with his son

Talking of his son, Look whose fully potty trained

Repair time

Zak has to be the strict parent as his son loves to make mess. I do wonder where he got flour and chocolate from.

Soon their was about to be more trouble as the twins were now toddlers. Jayne got her dad’s hair and skin and Jasmine got dad’s hair and mums skin. Both girls got their mum’s eyes.

Zak started teaching the girls to use the potty.

He also had to fix the dolls house as he had broken it when having a hot-headed moment and now daughter Jas was upset. Jayne just carried on playing with the blocks

The girls are quite close and love to babble away to each other.

Jas can be a handful at times too.

Chapter 2.20- Birthdays

09-10-17_5-48-31 PM
The house got an upgrade
09-10-17_5-49-16 PM.png
The males of the household enjoying being outside
09-10-17_5-49-25 PM
The twins gossiping together
09-10-17_5-50-06 PM.png
Joseph makes a mess
09-10-17_5-50-13 PM
Maya spies on the town
09-10-17_5-56-08 PM
Joseph plays with the blue bear
09-10-17_5-56-16 PM
James plays a colour matching game
09-10-17_6-02-43 PM
Bernard and Maya share a hug
09-10-17_6-17-14 PM
The twins become Teenagers. Joseph wants to make enemies and is a bro. Maya wants to be a party animal and is materialistic.
TS4_x64 2017-09-10 18-04-00-91
Skill Building happens.
Points -25

Chapter 2.13- Bumping heads with toys

Bernard and Maya eat some leftover birthday cake
Kaci played some sims
She also did some cooking
The twins enjoyed joking around with their dad
Maya pretended to be a pirate
Bernard was a sailor
Kaci paid the bills
She did some cooking
Bernard watched kids shows
Maya used the monkey bars
Kaci improved her cooking skill
Maya enjoys playing with toys but she does need to be more careful.
Total Points—15

Chapter 2.6- Double the Joy

Kaci got a new aspiration and now wants to be rich
Amber is expecting again with another man,
Sapphire’s eldest is now a teenager
Kaci played some video games and improved her skill for work

She also did some programming
James had a chat with his son
The twins are born. Meet Joseph and Maya.
James tries but he isn’t that good at guessing their needs, he rarely remembers to change them and mostly feeds and plays with them.
Amber’s eldest becomes a teenager
James gives Bernard a bath, he has become quite filthy
Kaci passed out, caring for a toddler, two babies and working full time is hard work
Total Points- 10

Chapter 1.7- Moving Homes


The twins are still as close as ever, they are always chatting to one another


Jasper just loves to chat, sometimes even to random strangers that walk past the house


Amber favourite thing to do is make stories up around her toys


One Weekend when everyone was off, Anabelle decided to take the children on a outing to the park. She enjoyed searching for clouds but the children weren’t interested in doing that. Amber hid in the bathroom and played with the toys she had snuck along but Jasper had fun playing on the pirate ship and chatting to random people. Sapphire enjoyed eating and chatting to a stranger too.


Anabelle soon found out she was expecting her third child, she hoped her children would be happy about the new arrival.


Amber needed to have a bath but she decided it was more fun to play on the monkey bars


With a baby on the way and no room or money to expand, the family decided to rent a three bedroomed apartments, they searched round and found one for only 600 a month, they purchased it unfurnished and brought along their own furniture.


Jasper finally realised that the dollshouse was broken and became quite sad and tearful over it.


He cheered himself up by swinging across the monkeybars


Anabelle soon went into labour and had a little boy, She called him Howard.



Jackson loves to relax in the hot-tub that the family could finally afford.

Total Points -5

Chapter 1.6- Birthdays


Anabelle got some time off work so the twins were finally cared for properly even if she became tense from getting soaked when Jasper decided to splash water.


She became so tired from caring for them that she passed out



The twins are very close and are always babbling to one another


Anabelle found the scientist career so time consuming that she decided to change careers


Jasper and Amber babbled to each other. They may even be complaining. Anabelle is at work and their dad is in charge. Jasper is filthy. Amber is sad because her mum went to work and she is also tired.


Anabelle had to fix the fridge before someone had a serious accident


Finally, the twins become children. They both got the insane trait.


Jackson decided to do some pushups


Amber was the first to try out the new monkey bars


Anabelle got promoted


Jackson and Anabelle are now adults


They are also still very close and romantic with each other.

Total Points=-10