Chapter 8- Snow

Amber enjoys playing with the dolls house

The boys get on well and are able to play alongside each other

Lavender started teaching her youngest to walk

He soon got it and was happy to be tossed around in the air

Next was potty training

Amber had her birthday. She now loves to swim.

Alabaster plays the xylophone.

Amber takes out the trach.

Opal is born with disciplined and loves the outdoors traits.

Alabaster plays with the dolls house

Leonardo repairs the washing machine

then mops the floor

Amber enjoys doing her homework in the snow

Leonardo spends some time with his younger sons

Lavender makes breakfast

Chapter 10.4- Winter Fun

Jack cooked some chicken for dinner but Conner prefers to eat pancakes from two days before.

Chasity cleaned the sink

Jack got promoted

The pets had their birthday

As did Chloe becoming a teen. She added Active to self-assured and her aspiration is Successful Lineage.

Jack practised chess

Chasity and Jack are still as romantic as ever

Chloe did some cooking

Jack and Conner made a snowpal together

Conner passed out

Jack brushed King

Conner played computer games

Conner did some exercise

Jack did some dancing

Jack spent some time with King

Chloe enjoys dancing

Conner enjoys moulding with clay

Jack got promoted

Chapter 9.11- Passing the torch

Jack is doing well at school

The girls started teaching themselves to cook, luckily they didn’t start a fire

Zak passed out from exhaustion

He still loves to make snow angels but he seems to have forgotten to change into his cold weather outfit.

He also loves to play video games

Jayla became an elder

She doesn’t let her old age stop her from staying in shape

Zak decided to go to a dance party at the bluffs in a blizzard. That was lots of fun and he even took a selfie.

It did tire him and he napped on a bench as the snow kept on falling

Zak played cards with his youngest Jasmine

He also challenged his son to the Llama game

Soon Jack was a Young Adult, a childish one at that and ready to take over the family legacy for the final generation.

Chapter 9.6- Toddler House

Jayla soon went into labour and the twins Jayne and Jasmine were born.

Jayla and Zak don’t care how cold it is. They love to star gaze in their pj’s

Zak just had to take a selfie

He also made a snowpal with his son

Talking of his son, Look whose fully potty trained

Repair time

Zak has to be the strict parent as his son loves to make mess. I do wonder where he got flour and chocolate from.

Soon their was about to be more trouble as the twins were now toddlers. Jayne got her dad’s hair and skin and Jasmine got dad’s hair and mums skin. Both girls got their mum’s eyes.

Zak started teaching the girls to use the potty.

He also had to fix the dolls house as he had broken it when having a hot-headed moment and now daughter Jas was upset. Jayne just carried on playing with the blocks

The girls are quite close and love to babble away to each other.

Jas can be a handful at times too.

Chapter 6.16- Passing the torch

Gus had to do some repairs

The whole family went ice-skating

Macy played video games

The family decorated the Christmas tree

Mabel did some art work

 Soon it was Christmas, the family enjoyed opening their presents getting some cool gifts too and also eating a lovely ham dinner that Gus had prepared

Melvin became a Young Adult and moved out

Gus upgraded the laundry system so it would stop breaking down. He also repaired the sink and the bath.

Mabel is doing well in school

Gus loves to play outside in the snow and make snowpals

Macy did some repairs

Soon Macy was a Young Adult and will now lead this legacy.

Chapter 5.13- Fun in the Snow

Molly and Gonzolo decided to make a snow pal together.
George loves to play on the spaceship swinging off the bars
Soon Christmas had arrived and the whole family had a great time decorating the tree together.
Molly got the great job of decorating the outside of the home

Soon it was time for the family to open their presents together. Luckily they were all good gifts and everyone was happy.
The boys like to play card games together
Molly improved her cooking
Gemma enjoyed building spaceships and pretend to explore space

Molly met father winter and received a present from him
She also did some working out.
Gabriel became a toddler who is going to be fun
He ran outside and loves to play in the snow throwing it around.