Chapter 10.2- Lots of Fails

Jayla died of old age

Zak used the forums

Chasity got promoted

Chloe became a charmer as a toddler

Jack started potty training right away

Good thing too as Baby 2 was on the way

Chloe enjoys playing with the monster toy

babbling away to the bear

she also likes building towers

She also prefers to sleep on the floor

Jack enjoys reading his daughter to sleep

he likes to sleep on the floor too

sharing the love

Zak does flashcards with his granddaughter outside their new improved home

Chasity decided to join the trend of sleeping on the floor

Soon she went into labour and son Conner was born

Zak enjoys napping in the toddler room

Chloe babbles away to Whiskers

she still prefers the floor

Jack got promoted

He enjoyed dancing

He plays chess

Chapter 9.2- Promotions

Zak got promoted

Gerald became a YA and moved out. He now likes to steal things

Zak went for a swim in the pool

Zak finally let Jayla know about his feelings and they shared their first kiss but then he had to leave for work.

A few days later, Zak invited Jayla out to the bluffs where he finally asked her to be his officially. They then celebrated their love in a bush.

Keith is doing great in school

Davis got promoted achieving his aspiration

Zak and Jayla’s realsionship is going well and she even asked him out for a meal.

Davis was soon an elder

Zackary decided to cook some eggs for breakfast.

Chapter 9.1- Fun in the Sun

Yasmin enjoys trolling the forums on the computer

Keith enjoys improving his logic through practising chess

Zackary had to do some repairs, being the torch holder is so much fun

The family still love to play video games

Zackary enjoys making new friends, He and Jayla hit if off as they both like telling jokes and being funny.

Bronson did some cleaning

Davis showed off his gamer moves

Zackary cooked dinner for the family

He also got promoted

He also had to repair the kitchen sink

Zak and Jayla seem to be quite close and love to hang out together at the local parks now it is hot.

Zak repaired the music system.

Chapter 8.11- Passing on the torch

The twins were soon teenagers

Soon it was Christmas, The family had lots of fun opening presents and eating Christmas dinner

Gerald did some exersize

Gerald worked out his anger on clay

Bronson prefers the bear

Davis helps his sons with homework

He also did some repairs

Yasmin also got promoted

Zackary became a young adult and is now the leader of the challenge.

Chapter 8.10- The Move

The family moved to a new house

Gerald played video games in their brand new living room

Gerald cooked his first meal and actually didn’t burn the house down

Branson enjoyed doing some art

Gerald needed some advice

Macy enjoyed working out in the new kitchen

Branson enjoyed chatting to the bear

Yasmin soon had her birthday

Zak used the water slide

Davis got promoted

Yasmin also got promoted

The teens enjoyed a game of chess

Chapter 8.9- Teenagers

The children are very helpful and like to do dishes

They also love to play video games

Macy mastered fitness

Keith loves to swing across the monkey bars

Branson enjoyed going for a swim

Zackary enjoyed chatting with the bear

Davis got promoted

Zackary became a teenager who loves attention

Keith loves to see how high he can go on the swings

Davis loves yoga

Davis got promoted

Gerald also became a teen.

Chapter 8.8- Video Games fun

Zackary needed some advice

George played some video games

He also made a mess

Dancing fun

Davis was soon an adult

Zackary did some laundry

Davis got promoted

The twins became children. Keith is now active and Bronson is mean

Davis repaired the bathroom sink

Branson needed some advice

Time out was needed for Zackary

Yasmin got promoted

Chapter 8.7- Toddlers

Davis started potty training Branson

Yasmin enjoyed making drinks

Branson made a mess

Keith played in the tunnels

Davis went to the gym

Exercise Zone

repair time

Zackary played some video games

Davis now wants to be a chef

More repairs

This house seems to constantly needs repairs

Davis joined the culinary career

Chapter 8.6- Birthdays

Macy still loves to play video games

Yasmin and Davis are very much in love

Yasmin passed out

Davis achieved his 2nd aspiration

He now wants to be strong and fit

Davis went to the gym

The twins are not toddler, one wants to know everything and one wants to do everything himself

George has become quite mean as a child

Branson plays with toys

George used the computer

Zackary enjoyed  moulding with clay

Macy read books to her grandchild

George did some bluilding

Chapter 8.5- Completing Dreams

Davis worked on his son’s thinking using flashcards

Zackary becomes a child who gets angry easily

He loves to play video games

He also needed some advice

Davis took his son ice-skating too

Davis also taught his son to fish

He achieved his aspiration

He also chose a new aspiration

Davis also did some repairs

Yasmin soon went into labour and the twins were born

Macy was soon an elder

Zackary washed some dishes