Chapter 9.10- Teenagers

Zak fixed the dishwasher before there was a lake in the kitchen Jayne washed the dishes Zak went to the festival with his brother. He bought a t-shirt and enjoyed catching up. Jack loves to go swimming in the evening Jayne started learning to play the violin. Zak repaired the bath Jack was soon aContinue reading “Chapter 9.10- Teenagers”

Chapter 8.9- Teenagers

The children are very helpful and like to do dishes They also love to play video games Macy mastered fitness Keith loves to swing across the monkey bars Branson enjoyed going for a swim Zackary enjoyed chatting with the bear Davis got promoted Zackary became a teenager who loves attention Keith loves to see howContinue reading “Chapter 8.9- Teenagers”

Chapter 7.4- Skilling

Gus still loves to make drinks and to learn new types and recipes Daniel became an adult Macy and Daniel had some fun Macy repaired She soon found out she was pregnant with her 2nd child She had to repair the bathroom sink Mabel did some Yoga Macy loves reading Davis bedtime stories Daniel didContinue reading “Chapter 7.4- Skilling”

Chapter 6.14- Quality Time

Mabel loves it when she is spun around in circles She also loves hugs Gus started teaching her some new words using flashcards Mabel also loves to build and play with blocks. Macy played video games Melvin did yoga Melvin adores his little sister and is always playing with her Megan enjoys running on theContinue reading “Chapter 6.14- Quality Time”

Chapter 6.11- Hello Mabel

Gus completed his aspiration and can now paint mood paintings no matter his mood. Megan played video games Gus repaired the stove Gemma was soon expecting Gus became a adult Macy likes to swim Molly and Gus did some dancing Mabel was born Gus worked out to a dance video Melvin is doing great inContinue reading “Chapter 6.11- Hello Mabel”

Chapter 6.4- Quality Time

Melvin can be cheeky at times and loves to play with his food throwing it around before he will eat it. Molly still loves to keep fit and active by running on the treadmill. Gus is a very hands on dad and even baths his son even if he gets a shower as Melvin lovesContinue reading “Chapter 6.4- Quality Time”

Chapter 6.1- Meeting Megan

Gus had to do some repairs Gus headed to the art district and did some painting Some new neighbours had moved in and Gus went to meet them. He really hit it off with this cute gal by the name of Megan. Megan soon joined the family Gemma improved her fitness skill Megan is aContinue reading “Chapter 6.1- Meeting Megan”

Chapter 4.12- Passing the Torch

Mehdi got promoted Melinda repaired the tv Meghan became a child Melinda shot some hoops Mehdi became an Elder Meghan chatted to the pink bear Jenna went swimming as did Molly Mehdi played chess with his youngest He also shot some hoops Jenna did yoga Melinda became an Adult and moved out Molly also becameContinue reading “Chapter 4.12- Passing the Torch”