Chapter 10.3- Birthdays

Zackary died of old age

Conner is a charmer too

Jack enjoys playing physical games with his son

Chloe rolled Self-assured as a child and her aspiration is Social Butterfly.

Jack decided to sleep in front of his bed

Chloe enjoys playing computer games

at least she sleeps in her bed

Conner likes to go exploring in the kitchen cupboards

Chasity does flashcards with him.

Jack fixes the dolls house

Chasity reads with her son.

Conner is a quick learner and was soon able to go potty independently.

Jack got promoted

Conner was soon a child. He rolled Dog Lover and wants to be a Whiz Kid.

Chasity and Jack became adults

Jack did some repairs

Jack tucks his son in bed

He does more repairs

The family adopt a new pet, A puppy called King. King and Conner are already quite close.

Chapter 9.11- Passing the torch

Jack is doing well at school

The girls started teaching themselves to cook, luckily they didn’t start a fire

Zak passed out from exhaustion

He still loves to make snow angels but he seems to have forgotten to change into his cold weather outfit.

He also loves to play video games

Jayla became an elder

She doesn’t let her old age stop her from staying in shape

Zak decided to go to a dance party at the bluffs in a blizzard. That was lots of fun and he even took a selfie.

It did tire him and he napped on a bench as the snow kept on falling

Zak played cards with his youngest Jasmine

He also challenged his son to the Llama game

Soon Jack was a Young Adult, a childish one at that and ready to take over the family legacy for the final generation.

Chapter 9.10- Teenagers

Zak fixed the dishwasher before there was a lake in the kitchen

Jayne washed the dishes

Zak went to the festival with his brother. He bought a t-shirt and enjoyed catching up.

Jack loves to go swimming in the evening

Jayne started learning to play the violin.

Zak repaired the bath

Jack was soon a teen who loves to read

He enjoyed playing the Llama game with his sister, uncle and aunt

The twins enjoyed having a water balloon fight.

Jack repaired the sink

The twins became teens. Jayne loves to make new people and Jasmine like her dad loves to sit around watching tv

Jasmine did some Yoga.

Chapter 9.9- Summer Fun

Jack did some dancing

Jayne enjoys playing with the monster toy even if she bashed herself in the head a few times

Jayla developed her cooking skills

Zak had to put out a fire, I wonder what his son was making

He then repaired the music system, too much dancing I guess had broken it.

Jack is doing well at school

Jayne played keyboard commander

Jasmine shows off on the slip n slide

Zak repairs the sink

He tells some jokes

Jayne does some science

Family water balloon fight

Chapter 9.8- More Birthdays

Jayla loves to jump in trash for some reason

The twins were soon children. Jayne loves to clean and Jasmine is get confident easily.

I think Jack has a hidden neat trait because he loves to clean

The girls are still the best of friends and are always chatting away even when they are doing other things

Zak was soon an adult

He did some cleaning

Jasmine enjoys running around in the rain

Jack did some science

Zak did some upgrades in both bathrooms. He was tired of constantly cleaning and repair the appliances.

The Girls enjoy dancing

Jasmine enjoys experimenting and making potions

She also enjoys playing farmyard.

Chapter 9.7- Family Time

The girls are really close and love to play with dolls together

Jayne has got a bit of an obsession with the toilet though so Zak spends a lot of the time telling her off.

He has also been doing a lot of repairs too

He likes to make snow angels

Jayla did some cleaning

As did Zak

Jayla had her birthday and became an adult

Zak mastered the writing skill

Jack became a child who loves art.

He still loves to chatter away with his little sisters

He is a great help and will even put the dishes to be washed

Jayla enjoys reading stories with Jayne.

Chapter 9.6- Toddler House

Jayla soon went into labour and the twins Jayne and Jasmine were born.

Jayla and Zak don’t care how cold it is. They love to star gaze in their pj’s

Zak just had to take a selfie

He also made a snowpal with his son

Talking of his son, Look whose fully potty trained

Repair time

Zak has to be the strict parent as his son loves to make mess. I do wonder where he got flour and chocolate from.

Soon their was about to be more trouble as the twins were now toddlers. Jayne got her dad’s hair and skin and Jasmine got dad’s hair and mums skin. Both girls got their mum’s eyes.

Zak started teaching the girls to use the potty.

He also had to fix the dolls house as he had broken it when having a hot-headed moment and now daughter Jas was upset. Jayne just carried on playing with the blocks

The girls are quite close and love to babble away to each other.

Jas can be a handful at times too.

Chapter 9.5- Toddlerhood

Zak cleaned the toilet.

Jayla fed their son

Zak also upgraded the toilet so it would clean itself in the future

With another baby on the way and the bills piling up, Zak did some freelance work to get more funds

Jack was soon an adorable toddler. He got his mums skin and hair and his dads eyes.

He likes to play games on the tablet

Zak did flashcards with his son

He also likes scaring the birds

Jack loves to babble away

Zak helped his son to use the new slide

Zak started teaching his son to use the potty. Jayla was getting closer to her due date and he would love only to change one set of nappies.

Jayla makes sure that she tucks her son in bed every night.

Chapter 9.3- New Home

Zak bought a bee hive then changed into this cool outfit and collected some honey.

Then it was Selfie# time

Jayla and Zak realsionship is going great and she spends most of her time at the house.

Soon Zak though it was time for them to get married. They decided to have a private ceremony in the family room.

Welcome Jayla to the family. She also actually had a job as a Level 3 Business woman.

Zak and Jayla moved out of his family home and into this lovely bungalow in Brindleton Bay.

Zak decided to become a freelance writer.

They christened their new bed

Zak started writing a article.

Jayla used her free action to practice her speech

Jayla was soon pregnant

Zak 1st gig was a success. He used his old routines and jokes as Inspiration.

Chapter 9.2- Promotions

Zak got promoted

Gerald became a YA and moved out. He now likes to steal things

Zak went for a swim in the pool

Zak finally let Jayla know about his feelings and they shared their first kiss but then he had to leave for work.

A few days later, Zak invited Jayla out to the bluffs where he finally asked her to be his officially. They then celebrated their love in a bush.

Keith is doing great in school

Davis got promoted achieving his aspiration

Zak and Jayla’s realsionship is going well and she even asked him out for a meal.

Davis was soon an elder

Zackary decided to cook some eggs for breakfast.